Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set Review


Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review

Hello My Ladies,

Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+best make up brushes+ best cheap affordable makeup brushes

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I was dying to write over my Coastal Scents haul and especially my Coastal scents 22 piece brush set 😀 No wonder, I got a mini heart attack of around 4.5 grands when I got this, the 66 lip palette and the 88 shimmer palette. But dude, all of these is a real investment. And believe me, I am so so Happy that I got these brushes like it is one of the best thing I’ve done in my life. I feel really lucky that I own this. I seriously don’t feel the need to buy MAC brushes which I was planning to but after having this I can happily say I am good with this and probably buy a 2nd set in near future for back up. Yes these are that good. 😀

Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review

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About Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set:-


Looking for a complete set of the best makeup brushes? You can create an endless array of looks with our 22 Piece Brush Set. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the essentials used by the pros. Each makeup brush caters to a different need no matter what look you’re trying to achieve. All twenty-two cosmetic brushes fit perfectly together in our matte black, Coastal Scents imprinted roll up case making this set ideal for travel. Roll it, snap it, and you’re set to go.

  • Powder Buffer – It’s quite a multitasking brush and can be used for applying foundation, blushes and setting up powder as well.It’s quite dense and soft.
  • Foundation Brush – It’s little too small for applying foundation therefore takes little time in blending and applying foundation.It’s best to be used for applying concealer.
  • Round Buffer – This one works great for blushes.



Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best face brushes

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  • Name of brushes –
  1. Large Fan

  2. Powder Buffer

  3. Round Powder

  4. Flat Stippling

  5. Angle Blush

  6. Foundation

  7. Concealer

  8. Large Shadow

  9. Blender

  10. Doe Foot Blender

  11. Dome Shadow

  12. Dome Blender

  13. Medium Shadow

  14. Detail Shadow

  15. Lip

  16. Detail Concealer

  17. Pointed Blender

  18. Brow

  19. Smudger Sponge

  20. Large Liner/Brow

  21. Medium Liner/Brow

  22. Small Liner/Brow

Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best brushes for eyemakeup
  • Price – $ 34.95
Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+besteyeshadow brushes
  • Packaging – The packaging of the brush set is very neat and sturdy came in a roll up brush case with plastic cover on each of the brush. Very handy and compact to carry even when you are travelling. 😉
Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+ cheap make up brushes

My Experience with Coastal scents 22 piece brush set:-


This brush set has got everything one needs to do with their face. There is so much of variety in eye makeup brush, concealing brush, foundation and blush brush also few extra multi purpose ones which are essential for every kind of makeup. There is nothing that u need to buy separately apart from these brushes. This alone is enough for your entire make up needs. Talking about the quality, the quality of the brushes is superb. The brushes pick eyeshadows/ loose pigments very well. Not poky at all. I am so impressed that I can’t express in words how good they are .I have tried few of them and they are so smooth and easy that u wouldn’t pick any other brushes from other brand if u owe one. Happened with me, I forgot 24 pieces brush kit after I got my hands on this. Poor baby, getting ignored 😛 I even washed one of the brush, and there was no shedding, the brushes became smooth even more after wash. For those who are longing for MAC and Sigma Brushes but can’t afford one I think this is a great affordable buy. One should really get this. It is Awesome!!! 😀 The only con that I found was that this set is never in discount and we need to pay around $21 for shipping which gets to costly if one plans to buy this alone. Hope we get it in some discount. So that it justifies our shipping price.

Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best quality makeup brushes for foundation and eye shadowsCoastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best quality makeup brushes for foundation and eye shadows

What I like about Coastal scents 22 piece brush set:-


  • Comes with a roll up case
  • Excellent quality
  • Some of the brushes such as Powder buffer and round powder are good in quality and are used the most
  • Eye brushes such as large shadow, blender, dome blender are quite helpful in eye makeup.
  • No shedding
  • All the possible brushes are available
  • Multipurpose and extra brushes included
  • Worth the money
  • A re purchase material
  • Affordable
  • A great option if u can’t buy MAC/SIGMA brushes.

What I dislike about Coastal scents 22 piece brush set:-


  • Available only at Coastal scents website.
  • Need a credit card to purchase.
  • Need to pay high shipping price.
  • Brush set are not available at discount.
  • A thin liner brush and a good lip brush is missing in the brush set and instead there are two many angled brushes in it.

Will I Re purchase Coastal scents 22 piece brush set:-


If I take good care of the brushes it will go a long way say atleast for more 3-4yrs. But I still want a back up, hence I will get one more in near future. Super happy with this, totally lust the brush set 😀 <3

  • Rating – 4.5/5 (minus point only coz of credit card and shipping hassle)

Have you tried Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set?



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  1. i love these !! my purane coastal scents brushes are getting ignored lol 😀 :dance: and i bough mine during 35% discount only :rotfl: they come up with best offers every now and then.. the only problem is that we add up too much stuff in our cart which increases our shipping charges 😛 :rotfl: i’d better ask some rishtedarr to receive these and bring them along wen they come to India :disdain:
    i want more c.s hot pot !!! :rock-n-roll: and one more same kit :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:

    • Oh really…Upsi?? I was waiting for a long long time for the discounts on the brush set.. but they din come with one.. toh i cudnt resist! Anyway rest of the stuff came with i stil got the best bargain! 😉 😀

      Even when my aunt comes na.. i l tell her to get this for me n few more stuff! :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:

  2. hey guys the 252 palette is a new launch by coastal scents did u check that out??? My gawddddd!

    *drooolinnggggggggggggggggggggggggg* :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

    • the credit goes to Ana for the pix..Zee! :-))

      Lucky me ..yeyeyeyyeyeyyeee :yippee: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:

    • Lee if u want a brush kit.. for ur eye make up..go for this blindly..i bet u will love it! 😀 :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  3. yeah thats what upsi recommended as well..but im a bit wary cuz then the face brushes will to waste no..i dont even know how to use half of them

    • So learn to use them ..sweety! ur a part of a wiseshe now.. whr everyone is a pro.. learn from upsi.. she will guide u.. N do u think like I knw y all the brushes r used for?? of coz not! i just got dat i can learn as well as have fun with them.. coz buying each brush gets super xpnso..but a kit like this is very affordable! :-))

  4. hmm yeah maybe i should upsi will be doing a post on it soon so beginners like me can learn :x..but damn those delivery i feel i shudve ordered this kit along withthe pallete

  5. hehe yah upsi naraz ho jati toh :(…does the shipping price increase with every item..otherwise we all cud buy together n share the delivery charges

  6. They have offered 50% discount on thanksgiving day but also charging very high shipping like $ 38 for India. too bad and have to cancel the plan for buying with high shipping.


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