Coastal Scents 66 Lip Palette Review and Swatches


Hello Sweeties,

Today, I am reviewing one of my best buys that is the 66 lip palette, I think I got the best bargain , the idea of having so many lipcolors which is matching to each of my dress really tempted me to buy this one, like u can see it has a huge variety of pinks and corals which is so important for girls. Coz corals and pinks are the shades we heart and the more we have the less it is :-P. I thought if I get this, I can easily use it for engagement or marriage make ups for myself as well as for my friends. There are few shades like blue and gold and silver which are not really wearable but can be used as a wet eyeshadow and believe me they are perfect for occasions.

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Product Description Our gorgeous 66 Lip Palette is ideal for that final touch on any look. With 66 different shimmer, matte, and glossy shades you can create a multitude of effects and combinations for everyday or night wear. This palette is great for anyone, beginner or professional.

Price – got this too at a sale price of $11.95

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coastal scents 66lip palette review+ 66 coastal scents lip palette + lip palette-001

My Experience with Coastal Scents 66 Lip palette –

I love the idea of having 66 lovable lip shades in one palette making it super easy to mix and match with every attire u wear, be it for ur daily wear or for any particular occasions or functions. This palette comes very handy. U can’t keep buying all the lipshades in the world and at times when u run out of shades u can simply grab this palette and pick ur favourite shade ..thats it! J  The lip shades have good pigmentation and they are quite moisturising too as they r creamy in texture so u may not apply a lipbalm while putting this on. This palette is a perfect mix of glossy, shimmer and matte lipcolors.

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coastal scents 66lip palette review+coastal scents lip palette-001

coastal scents 66lip palette review+ 66 coastal scents lip palette-001

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The darker shades looks great even on pigmented lips and offers medium to heavy coverage, however there are few (not all ) lighter shades which are not very pigmented and might not look good on darker lips. I think this palette has all the pinks and corals one can dream of and that’s why I love it soo much! 😀 Also there are few unwearable shades such as blues and yellows with shimmers which I use it as a creamy eyeshadow (can’t just let it go waste u see 😉 ). The staying power is not very impressive. It last max upto 2hrs and then doesn’t last long on lips also I find this palette quite big to carry it anywhere for touch ups which makes it not a must-have to buy otherwise would have been totally worth each penny.

coastal scents 66lip palette review+ coastal scents lip palette swatches+ lip palette-001

What I like about Coastal Scents 66 Lip palette –

  • 66 unique lip color
  • Perfect for beginners and for daily and occasional use
  • Huge variety of pinks and corals
  • Most of the shades are good in pigmentation
  • Gives Medium to heavy coverage
  • Creamy texture so no need of lipbalm
  • Combination of matte, glossy and shimmers in the palette
  • Good bargain when available on discount
  • Few shades such as blues and yellows can be used as eyeshadows
  • Saves money over single lipsticks

coastal scents 66lip palette review+ 66 coastal scents lip palette swatches-001

What I dislike about Coastal Scents 66 Lip palette –

  • Staying power is not very impressive
  • Last only max 2hrs with eating and drinking
  • Few lighter shades are not that pigmented
  • Palette is not handy enough to be carried everywhere
  • No touch ups can be done

Final Verdict –I still love this lip palette as this is one of my priced possession and comes very handy when I want to a dramatic make up and looking out for that perfect pinks or corals in my collection. Its not really a must-have but a good buy if u like pairing ur lipcolor with ur dresses. 😉

Do you have this palette? Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. So many colors .. I can imagine Ric saying “My precious !!! :evilgrin: ” .. eehahahaha eehahaha .. but i have seen ppl wearing yellow and orange lippie so no surprises der .. but bloo lippie is interesting .. !! :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

  2. Oooh this wud be so much fun to play with na Ric?!!! :yippee: Love the corals n pinks :inlove: I feel like a hyper-excited kid n i wanna dip my brush into those colorssss :lashes:

    • Hahahaa.. Just imagine how i wud have reacted to this.. i love love love the palette like a kid loves his new toyyyyyyyyyyyy! :yippee: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :lipstick: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  3. woohoo…huge lip pallete…with lots of pinks n corals in it…. :-)) Ric,give some lip swatches too for few shades na…….for blue n yellow too.. 😛 😉 :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:


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