I guess I have a thing for palettes whenever I see an eyeshadow or a blush palette, I just can’t stop thinking over it till I just run and grab it. And what do u expect would happen to me when I entered the COASTAL SCENTS website?? 😛 Gosh! I actually went there in search of good make up brushes and I end up sitting on this website for like 30mins analyzing and watching every palette there along with the given videos. I couldn’t just control myself falling for them. I was desperately waiting for some good sale to happen so that I can grab it all together to avoid paying shipping charges at every purchase 😀 So I made a bulk purchase of 88 ultra shimmer palette, 66 lip palette and the 22 pcs CS brushes. Now I didn’t pick up the original palette coz as u all know I already have BH Cosmetics 120 e/s palette which is a combination of more of matte’s and less of shimmer eyeshadows which is as good as the original palette from COASTAL SCENTS. So I didn’t want to pile up more palettes unnecessarily and thought 88 ultra shimmer palette would complete my palette obsession 😉 Well, if u see my collection u will find more of eyeshadow palette and very less blush palette , not that I don’t like blushes just that I am a little more biased towards eyeshadows. I am completely a die heart eye make up person.


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coastal scents 88 shimmer palette review+coastal scents 88 shimmer

  • Packaging- It came in a big brown box with 2 visiting cards from COASTAL SCENTS of coz with loads of bubble wrap. The black palette is very sturdy, inside it even had a mirror along with 2 applicators , which is + point over BHCosmetics coz they don’t give mirror or applicators.
  • Price – I got this at a discount for $11.95 (shipping extra) *yipppieeeeeeeeeeee* 😀 😀

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My Experience with Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette:

This palette comprise of 88 completely different shades which are intensely pigmented. All the shades are very well pigmented and I don’t really need an eye primer. The shimmers are not at all the tacky one’s that u are thinking of. The shimmers are great for both day and night make up and can be worn without looking OTT 😀 It’s a great palette for beginners, where one can learn and experiment different eye make up with this and of coz participate in various eye make up contest where this comes like a life saver 😉 The staying power is just awesome. It doesn’t fade off and goes as long as u remove it, u don’t even need to touch up.

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coastal scents 88 shimmer palette review+coastal scents

The problem with this eye shadows is that these are powdery as well as I have experienced quite a lot of fallout. The fall out is so much that even my Korean brands reigns over this palette. So a person who is a pro makeup artist or atleast who are used to using good quality make up might not like this. I am fine coz I know how to make it work, In order to avoid the fall out, I slightly wet my brush which not only picks the right amount of eyeshadow but also helps get rid of the mess, the wet application makes the eye shades look even more deep and intense and neat. That’s my trick to make it work 😉 And did I tell u inspite of being such a fab palette it doesn’t have a purple shade. Can u believe it?? :-O :-/ I was so disappointed to learn that. Thank God! I have BH Cosmetics as a back up 😛

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coastal scents 88 shimmer palette review+coastal scents shimmer palette
Overall, my take is go for it, If u like experimenting with different eye look coz this is the best deal for it and also if ur a girl like me who matches her eye make up along with her dress ..LOL ..I Love doing that 😉 <3


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coastal scents 88 shimmer palette review+coastal scents+ eyeshadow palette
What I like about Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette:

• 88 unusual shades
• Inbuilt mirror and applicators
• Shimmers are good for day and night wear make up
• Doesn’t look OTT at all
• Deeply pigmented
• Staying power is fab, last all day.
• Didn’t cause any irritation
• Can be applied dry and wet both
• Great for beginners

What I dislike about Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette:

• Eyeshadows are powdery
• Creates a lot of mess while doing make up
• Quite a lot of fall out
• No purple eyeshadow 
• Heavy shipping price to get this

Final Verdict –

It’s a good palette for experiments and beginners. I do recommend it to you for the variety u can create with this but qualitywise I feel its not upto the mark and if u r someone who demands good quality eyeshadows u can surely skip this. While, I don’t think so I will re purchase this for the sole reason that I will not be able to finish this 


Have you tried the Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette?


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