Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush Review


Hi All,

You must have seen my Bday haul posted here last month..I’ve been having the most awesomest time trying out all the goodies and sampling them…Some have turned out to be good buys while some not so much. Today I’ll be reviewing the Angle brush from Coastal Scents. I wanted a new brush for contouring since I’d gotten a bit bored with the Ambika Pillai brush I’ve been using for the last 2yrs or so..


coastal scents classic blush angle large natural review+ coastal scents contour brush

About the Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush

Accentuate bone structure with our Classic Angled Blush Brush. This large, natural haired brush is ideal for adding a healthy glow to your cheeks, by applying a sweep of powdered blush or bronzer.

Price: $2.48

coastal scents classic blush angle large natural review+ coastal scents brush

My experience with the Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush:


  • Packaging:The brush comes in a plastic covering and no reusable brush guard like the Sigma brushes. I wish they had those guards but considering the price and the quality I don’t mind at all..
  • Bristle Texture:The bristles are firm, but soft. Usually the firmer bristles tend to have a pokiness to them but this one is really soft.
  • Bristle Quality (Bleeding & Shedding):I have washed this just twice till now(basically in excitement to try the Sigma Dry n Shape) and the bristles did not bleed nor did they shed…not even a bristle!!


coastal scents classic blush angle large natural review+ coastal scents


  • Washing & Drying: Washing this brush wasn’t really a pain since even though the bristles are firm, they aren’t as firm as the blush brush I have from CS. This brush took an entire day to dry and just about 5hrs in the Sigma tool.

I fine this very convenient. I usually prefer shorter handles for ease of movement but this one is pretty comfy too. The handle is about the same size and weight as the Ambika Pillai one so it isn’t a huge difference.


coastal scents classic blush angle large natural review+ coastal scents angled brush


The bristles are what truly sets it apart from the AP one I’d been using before. They are closely packed and yet fluffy enough to diffuse the contour color. It’s easy to apply blush with this as well although I still prefer round brushes for that…This brush is something I would recommend to all girls learning makeup and contouring especially.


Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush – THE GOOD:

  • The price is like Wow!!
  • It’s not just pocket friendly but good quality too.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for contouring thanks to the precise shape o the bristles
  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t bleed or shed.


Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush – The BAD:

  • Needs to be ordered through the site only.
  • Our customs milked the life out of me!


Rating:  4.5/5


 Have you tried Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush ?


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  1. Nice one Zee :yes: The customs story is truly sad yaar 🙁 Pls review the Sigma Dry n shape…been curious bout it. Btw just washed my Sigma F40 today. It looks very similar to this only difference being the synthetic fibres. When u get bored of this, do give it a try 😉

  2. Ana .. And zee… I am gonna be broke soon at this rate ! My list is getting longer and i havent even yet chkd out macs glamour daze or face and body foundi!!! I have an excuse though .. A relatives wedding hehehhe

  3. Hi Anamika,
    I’m very sorry that I’m asking this question here but I have tried my best to get Ardell lashes but failed :-(.
    Could you please let me know If I can order it online to get delivered in India?

    Many Thanks

  4. I need some classes on contouring 🙁
    But this brush is great Zara, due to this custom duties,Iam reluctant to order their stuff 😥 😥

  5. Cs brushes are good
    My fourth order for 50 $ came in a months time during dec end

    Theprevious orders all arrived in two weeks time in dubai. Didnt have to pay nay customs luckily
    Thank god i didnt order it to my indian address after reading all ur troubles with indian customs

    U know anamika after started reading ur blog some 2 yrs back only i started collecting makeup so much.

  6. Hi anamika no cutoms problemmin dubai so far touchwood
    Hubby says upto some limit there wont be duty
    Always my order is around or below $50
    I ve ordered from ebay too sofar all ve reached me


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