Coastal Scents Brush Guard Review


Coastal Scent Brush Guard

With time makeup brushes start losing their shapes especially the ones which are used on regular basis. Makeup brushes are just like your high end bags. First you start with some local ones and then move on to high end brands and later you end up spending a good chunk in maintaining the bags as well.

I wanted something to protect the vulnerable bristles of few of my favourite brushes and so bought these brush guards. These guards have been made with a lot of thought. They are stretchable and breathable and are very handy.


สินค้า the coastal scents brush guard


About Coastal Scent Brush Guard :-

The Coastal Scents Brush Guard keeps your makeup brushes like new!

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes in the following ways:
While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
In use – handle stays clean and grips better
In storage – no snags or squashing
On the move – perfect packing


  •  Price – $4.95 excluding shipping cost.


coastal scent brush gaurd how to use


My experience with Coastal Scents Brush Guard:-

1) Product claims that it helps the bristles dry fast but I found it to be the opposite. My brushes dry little late than how they used to be before.Instead of this, my Sigma dry and shape works much much better.(I am yet to review that)

2)It gives better grip to my handle when I push the brush guard from the bristles to the lower side.

3)It keeps the brush in shape and prevents from dust while traveling. With brush Guard  I didn’t experience squashing.

4)Brush guards are stretchable and you can fit all kinds of brushes into it.Even a Kabuki brush fits into the brush guard so they are not meant only for coastal scents brushes. There is a small one paper guide which comes with the guard which helps one in deciding which brush to keep in which guard.

5)Although they take long time in drying but the bristles dry in the perfect shape.


coastal scent brush gaurd how to use


6)This brush guard is made up of plastic which is stretchable so with time it definitely is going to get outstretched and will be of no use.To prevent that it will be better to use one brush for a particular guard. Although I just can’t think of that as I keep changing my brush preferences on day to day basis.

7) Sometime you will see that bristles of the brush coming out from the brush net because of the pressure which one puts while inserting them into the guard.This will loosen up the brush bristle and hence lose out the whole purpose of having a brush guard. So just be careful about that.

8) I can not keep the brush guarded with them all the time because you don’t come to know which brush is inside a particular guard. So you will land up hunting for eyeshadow brushes all the time.


Will I recommend it to others – Product has both pros and cons so I think one needs to weigh down their requirement and then buy it.Product suits me more on traveling basis.


Have you tried Coastal Scent Brush Guard ?


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  1. I agree on nt being able to identify d brushes ut yea, these r a saviour while travelling!n even IN my brush drawer which is overflowing with brushes which results in squashed brushes many times.. 🙂

  2. Super product it is Ana, me too wanna try coastal scents products, Please if anybody will order, plz inform me, as we can club the orders


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