Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner Set Review & Swatches


Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner

Coastal scent continues to amaze and impress me  more.What fab, are these highly pigmented , long staying gel eyeliners are! Now I know why CS makeup is so popular in the drugstore makeup category.I bought the whole set taking advantage of  50% off offer although it still costed me the same because of the custom…grrr! Anyway I have to move ahead and don’t lose out on time  and start enjoying them.

  • Price – $39.95

5 coastal scent cream gel eyeliners reviews



About Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner Set:-


Creating captivating eyes has never been easier than with our rich and creamy Gel Eyeliners. These all in one liners come in five stunning shades and each contains a detachable liner brush, to precisely define your eyes with ease. The long lasting gel formula dries quickly, leaving you with a smudge, fade, and waterproof finish.

This set includes one of each of the following Divine Line Gel Eyeliners :

(From Left To Right)

  • Divine Line Envy

  • Divine Line Lolite

  • Divine Line Sienna

  • Divine Line Raven

  • Divine Line Java

There is a gel eyeliner pot and on top of it is the brush holder .I like the packaging as these are travel friendly and chances of misplacing the brush are less.


coastal scents gel eyeliners reviews and swatches


Gel eyeliner brush which come along is small , fine ,soft and bit pointy .One can manage to apply a thin line with its help.


Coastal scents gel eyeliners brush


Coastal Scents Divine Gel Eyeliner Swatches:-


  • Divine Line Envy – Matte Blackend Green

  • Divine Line Lolite – Matte Navy Blue

  • Divine Line Sienna- Copper

  • Divine Line Raven- Black

  • Divine Line Java Brown



coastal scent cream gel eyeliners swatches


  • Consistency & Texture – Gel eyeliners are smooth and soft and glide easily on the lids.Staying power of these are 8-9 hrs and they are water proof and don’t smudge.They get dry easily and this is the reason one needs to keep cleaning the brush once used.


Envy swatch CS +Lolite Swatch CS, Sienna swatch CS, Raven, Java


I am completly  in love with these and have been testing them every now and then.I used the shade envy in my recent eye makeup tutorial here

Shade Envy Gel Liner On My Eyes:-


green and brown eye makeup+envy gel eyeliner coastal scent



Will be coming up with detail review of each one of these soon 🙂


Have you tried Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner ?


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  1. I <3 the navy blue shade the most………. Amazing find! Now i know wat nxt 2 buy from CS ….A! :yes: :hug-makeup: :lipstick: :yippee: :dance-left-right:

  2. amazig yaa! all of these looks fab..n so pigmented..i thot d copper one wudnt b so but its actually such a beautiful color….does it show up well on d lid?


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