Coastal Scents Divine Line Review – Lolite Gel Eyeliner


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Coastal Scent Divine Line Gel Eyeliner Lolite

Price -  $39.95 (Price is for 5 coastal scent gel eyeliners set.)
Coastal scent  gel eyeliner  lolite brush


About Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner Set:-


Creating captivating eyes has never been easier than with our rich and creamy Gel Eyeliners. These all in one liners come in five stunning shades and each contains a detachable liner brush, to precisely define your eyes with ease. The long lasting gel formula dries quickly, leaving you with a smudge, fade, and waterproof finish.

This set includes one of each of the following Divine Line Gel Eyeliners :

(From Left To Right)

  • Divine Line Envy

  • Divine Line Lolite

  • Divine Line Sienna

  • Divine Line Raven

  • Divine Line Java(Have reviewed Java eyeliner here )

There is a gel eyeliner pot and on top of it is the brush holder. I like the packaging as these are travel friendly and you won’t keep hunting for them every where around.This way they are more hygienic.



Coastal scent lolite gel eyeliner reviews


  • Texture – It’s amazingly smooth and I have it since six months with me and texture has not dried up a bit and is creamy. It’s soft and glides like  a dream. Just like how the kids come down on a slide :P.
  • Brush – Gel eyeliner brush is small, fine and bit pointy .It little way too pointed so some of you might find it little too harsh.If you keep wiping the gel out after application then it still stays soft.


Coastal scent lolite gel eyeliner


Highly pigmented ink blue shade and is super gorgeous.Something which will make you stand out.Eyeliner stays put throughout the day and there is smudging and it is easy to wipe it off unlike other gel eyeliners especially Maybelline.


Coastal scent lolite gel eyeliner swatches


I wore it yesterday on a dark eyeshadow. Generally when you apply a gel eyeliner on darker eyeshadow, it doesn’t show up that much but this one is quite visible. Otherwise the color turns out way brighter if used alone.


eye makeup lolite gel eyeliner eotd


Eyeshadow used for above eye makeup are as follows


coastal scents amaretto+ dark chocolate chamois nude

Have you tried Coastal Scents Divine Line Review – Lolite Gel Eyeliner?


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