Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink Review – MAC Pink Papillon Limited Edition Eyeshadow Dupe



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Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink

Hello my beautiful ladies,

I am back with a review on another pretty pink eye shadow from Coastal Scents, named “Baby Pink”.


CS hot pot S31 Baby Pink


About Coastal Scents Hot Pot:

We offer Blush Hot Pots labeled with the letter B and our eye shadows in different finishes identified by the following letters: Matte (M) and Satin/Shimmer (S). You may also select shades from our Creative Me #1 Palette labeled CM and our Metal Mania and Creative Me #2 Palettes labeled ME.

Price: $1.95

My experience with Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink:

Packaging: The eye shadow pan is housed in a sturdy plastic case with a scissor lock. The plastic case keeps the pan safe and protects the product inside from any sort of damages. The shade number is written at base.

Shade: A soft, pastel pink hue with a sheer, satin finish. Very soft, very girly.


coastal scents hot pot s31


Texture: This is from their “satin” range, but it is completely on the matte side. The texture of this particular shade is smooth when touched with fingers, but once you try to apply it on eyes it feels a bit chalky, definitely not as silky as their other shades that I have tried.

Pigmentation: It’s described as a sheer eye shadow on Coastal Scents’ website. True. It is the sheerest among what Coastal Scents eye shadows I have tried till date. No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t show up on my skin. There is always a bit of patchiness that occurs when used, especially when you try to blend. If you’re only using it over small areas like patting lightly on the corners of your eyes or over lids, then it works fine, otherwise it just vanishes.


CS hot pot Baby Pink swatch


Staying Power: Without a primer, it didn’t more than 2 hours on me. With an eye primer beneath it stayed around 3-4 hours.

What I like about Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink:

  • Pretty shade.
  • No fallouts.
  • Decent staying power when used over a primer.
  • Cute packaging.

What I don’t like about Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink:

  • The pigments just vanish when you try to blend.
  • Needs primer to stay long, to blend well.
  • Not available in India.

DUPE Alert:

It is a dupe of MAC Pink Papillon *Limited Edition* eye shadow. The shades are totally similar. But MAC one has better pigmentation and staying power.

Final Thoughts: The color is nice, though matte formula is actually my favorite, but unless it has a gorgeous color payoff, I really fail to work with it. This happens with this too. The texture, not so good pigmentation and low staying power upset me.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Have you tried Coastal Scents Hot Pot S31 Baby Pink?

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