Coastal Scents Lash Curler Review


I had no clue that Coastal scent has a lash curler too and something which is similar to Inglot lash curler which Zee reviewed long time back. A lash curler like this is so cute and affordable and that too of discount was definitely coming into my cart.

  • Price – $2.50
One biggest advantage of the curler is its size. It’s cute and compact. One can keep it in their hand bag without bothering – unlike previous long metallic curlers which I never thought of taking along with me.

coastal scents lash curler review+best eye lash curler

About Coastal Scents Lash Curler :-

Prepare to be amazed with Coastal Scents new Lash Curler. Soft Neoprene coating hugs the curves and makes working this lash curler exceptionally easy. It provides beautifully arcing lashes without crimping them. A nonstick polymer band sets against the lashes, so you can use this with or without mascara. It also includes a second polymer band for long lasting use.

My experience with Coastal Scents Lash Curler :-

Lash curler is made up of plastic and is light weight. I can use it before applying mascara as well as after application of the mascara without much of a hindrance.There is an extra polymer band attached below it so that it lasts for long.

This eyelash curler is great for those who are afraid of using metallic eyelash curlers. I as such do not have any problem with metallic eye lash curlers but with this one I didn’t need to be worried or scared at all.

coastal scent eye lash curler reviews+eye lash curlers reviews

I forgot to click the picture of myself using it  therefore I am showing Zee’s pic of how to use this mascara to give you a better idea.

inglot bp lash curler review+ using a lash curler

Only drawback of the curler is that it can not curl the corner eye lashes. I though of tilting it a bit and in that metallic eye lash curler wins any day.

lash curler reviews coastal scent+safe eye lash curler

Below is the before and after picture where I haven’t curled my lashes in the first picture.In the second picture I have used the curler for around 40 seconds.

coastal scent lash curler before and after

Why I like about Coastal Scent Lash Curler :-

  • Travel friendly
  • Decently priced
  • Great for beginners
  • Free attached extra pads
  • Curl lashes nicely.

What I do not like about Coastal Scent Lash Curler :-

  • I find metallic eye lash curler still better  as they curls the corner eye lashes too where this one lacks.
  • Not  available in India
Will I recommend it to others – Definitely! It hardly costs anything and moreover metallic curlers are not travel friendly therefore I find this one kind of a must have.
Wise She Rating –

  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Handling: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4/5

Have you tried Coastal Scents lash Curler ?

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