Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush Review


Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush:-

When I got my Sigma Mrs.Bunny Kit, I never imagined that I’d love any brush more than those insanely adorable powder blue and pink ones. Turns out I was wrong! Meet my current favoritesssst (if there’s ever such a word) brush!! :heart: :cute:

Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush Review+kabuki brushes

Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki Brush:-

The Pink Kabuki is the must have improved version of our multi-purpose Pink Perfection Kabuki brush. This luxurious new design is both softer and denser, making it an essential tool for blending and applying powders with ease. The dome shaped, synthetic bristles are engineered to pick up the precise amount of makeup and deposit it on the skin softly for a visibly smooth and even finish. This all-purpose brush is the ideal tool for removing excess powder after initial application or for on-the-go touch ups.

 Review Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush+cosmetic brushes

  • Dimensions: Synthetic Bristles 1.50″ (3.80 cm) | Ferrule: 0.88″ (2.20 cm)
  • Price: $4.99 (plus extra shipping charges)

I have this obsession for short handles, and believe me; the handle doesn’t get any shorter than this! 😛

Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush Review handle+cosmetics brushes

The bristles are sooo soft that you’ll want to keep stroking your face with this like every other minute :lashes:

Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush Review bristles+brush cosmetic

What I like about Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki:-

  • Hot pink bristles with metallic pink handle…. super-cute! :inlove:
  • Bristles are incredibly soft and are in no way abrasive
  • Bristles are densely packed but splay just enough  diffuse powder
  • Handle is of the perfect width, made of lightweight metal and is easy to hold and use
  • Picks up the right amount of powder and distributes it evenly, delivering sheer coverage
  • Can be used to remove excess powder from the face
  • Dome-shaped head makes it easy to reach the contours of the face
  • Bristles are synthetic and not made from animal hair
  • Although the bristles are fuschia pink in color, they do not bleed at all
  • Does not shed and is easy to wash
  • Retains its shape even after repeated washes
  • Reasonably priced

What I don’t like about Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki:-

  • Only available online and shipping charges to India are high
  • Wish it came with an equally cute holder/pouch to take along while travelling :lashes:

Rating: 5/5

 CS Pink Kabuki Brush Review+coastal scents brush

Final thoughts:

I can’t tell you how much I lurrrve this brush! Powder application has never been easier and it is the perfect size to tote around in my handbag or travel makeup kit. Considering how bright the tone of pink is, I was expecting the color to bleed atleast during the first wash but the color didn’t budge. The bristles are super soft and after using this, I simply don’t want to use a compact sponge/ puff again. The price is almost unbelievable for a brush of this quality but the shipping charge is a huge dampener here. :struggle: I also feel this would make a cute gift…now, if only it came in a pretty pouch as well. But alas…we can’t have it all, can we? 😉 Nevertheless, I’d absolutely, completely, totally recommend this! :cute:

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    • Hain na? :cute: I was looking for a matching compact powder to go with it 😀 Maybelline, pls launch ur clear smooth compact here soooon…..

  1. This one is really good nafs. Though it looks very similar to bourjois one, I find that the bourjois one is scratchy. me no likez. But I know what you mean by loving small handles. Me too! :hug-makeup:


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