Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush Review


Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush

I have a major weakness for makeup tools and accessories; and face brushes top the list. :blush: I was looking to add a good retractable brush in my collection and was disappointed with poor quality of the ones that were easily available. I was also getting tired of hunting for the Lakme Face Brush which seemed perennially out of stock and then became completely extinct for some odd reason :-/

So I was thrilled to discover this on the Coastal Scents websites and have now had this brush in my kitty for about a year or so. Btw if any of you guys have seen the aforementioned Lakme brush somewhere please do drop in a comment. :cute:

Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush

About Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush

It’s oh-so-smart! Our clean and clever retractable powder brush with soft, synthetic bristles is ideal for buildable coverage with loose or pressed powders, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, contour makeup or even glitter. This versatile and dense brush also offers a smart design for touch-ups on-the-go! Quickly retract the fluffy powder brush to easily and neatly stow away in your handbag or makeup bag.

Coastal Scents Retractable Brush

Price: $ 6.95 (plus shipping charges extra)


  • Height with cap: 4″ (10.16cm)
  • Diameter: 1.19″ (3.02cm)
  • Handle: 1.94″ (4.93 cm)
  • Ferrule: 0.63″ (0.63 cm)
  • Bristles: 1.38″ (3.51 cm)

Net Weight: 1.54oz

Packaging: The brush comes in a semi-matte, metallic, burnt-red packaging that am guessing is made of powder-coated Aluminium since it feels absolutely lightweight. As you lift the cap, the chrome-finish ferrule lifts along with it as well. Once the cap is completely off, you have to manually slide down the ferrule down to reveal the brush inside. The packaging is just a tad bulkier than I’d imagined but it is travel-friendly. Just wish the cap was of a different color, since more often than not, I end up opening the wrong side of the brush 😀

Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush packaging


The bristles are shiny black and have a somewhat frizzy, wavy look that (scarily) resembles real hair. But not to worry, the bristles are made of synthetic fibers and you can definitely tell when you’re washing them. They feel soft and fluffy and are quite densely packed.

Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush review

Performance: When opened fully, the bristles don’t pick up too much of product and will give you sheer coverage at best. For heavier coverage, you can slide up the silver ferrule a little and then apply. But it’s a bit tricky since you’ll have to somehow hold both the ferrule and the handle in the desired position else it will slide back down with just a tilt. The higher up the ferrule, the more tightly packed the bristles and the more heavier the coverage (this holds true for all retractable brushes).

This is nice to apply pressed or loose powder but for blush, bronzer, highlighter etc. it is a bit large in size. I’ve also used this for foundation application (with the ferrule pretty high up) and it words pretty well since the synthetic bristles don’t drink up too much product and blends the foundation nicely.

My Experience with Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush

Fragrance: You must be wondering why in the world would fragrance (of all things) be a point of discussion in a brush review. :struggle: Well let me tell you that it’s the biggest issue I have with this brush it downright stinks!! As it is, I have a sensitive nose and generally have the habit of sniffing stuff (not consciously always). Anyways, I sniffed the brand new brush and was completely overwhelmed with the awful animal-bathed-in-chemical-sorta-smell. :sick: I assumed it might dissipate after the first wash but to my utter disappointment it didn’t. :pain:

I’ve washed this brush many times since then and the smell still remains. I literally gag whenever I use this and feel like I need to don a gas mask. 😛 The thing is, I’d already made sure I was buying a brush with synthetic bristles so my only consolation is that it’s not some animal or human umm whatever in there. :quiet: Else, I wouldn’t even bother bringing this anywhere near my face! :stop:

Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Bristles

Washing & Maintenance:

This brush is really easy to wash and the bristles don’t shed or bleed at all. After washing, it is best to wiggle the brush a little forcefully (with the bristles facing down) to ensure water doesn’t enter the case. When I do this, I notice that the bristles are water-resistant and all the droplets seem to slide off effortlessly (like it would on a raincoat or umbrella). Because of this feature, this brush also dries remarkably fast. Most of my powder brushes and kabukis need at least half a day to dry completely. This one takes just about 4 hours or so (depending on the weather).

What I like about Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush?

  • Attractive, lightweight, travel-friendly packaging
  • Cruelty-free, synthetic bristles
  • Bristles are soft, non-scratchy and densely packed
  • Easy to wash and maintain. Does not shed or bleed and dries super fast
  • Can deliver sheer to near-medium coverage
  • Works with powder, cream and liquid formulations
  • Good quality compared to most other retractable bushes I’ve come across
  • Reasonably priced

What don’t I like about Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush?

  • Smells awful even after repeated washes
  • A little big for application of blush, highlighter, bronzer etc.
  • Only available online and you have to pay extra shipping charges

Rating: 4/5 (Would have rated it higher if not for, yes u guessed it: the stench!)

Final thoughts: The Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush is a great option for travelling or toting around in your handbag since it is lightweight and hygienic since the bristles are protected with a cap. No more hassles with bristles getting squished under other stuff, or getting caught in zippers, or attracting dust that’s just about everywhere in our country (totally envy outsiders who get to display their brushes attractively out in the open on their dressers :-P). This may not give as heavy an application as a kabuki brush would, but you can still customize the coverage you want by positioning the ferrule according to your requirement.

The only issue is the absolutely overwhelming stench emanating from the bristles that refuses to budge even after multiple washes. :sick: If you don’t mind holding your breath while powdering yourself (like I usually do while using this :-D) , then do check this out coz it’s otherwise a pretty nice brush. :yes:

Have you tried Coastal Scents Retractable Powder Brush?

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