Coconut Masks For Hair


Coconut Masks For Hair

Coconut is used from ancient India and is worldwide used for its magical properties.

From normal to dry skin from thin to grey hair, it helps a lot in transforming anything from every desired thing.
No matter you consume it, apply it or use it any form, it will surely give you a lot of benefits. Till today in many medicines and ointments, coconut oil is being used as it has relaxing and healing properties. People who have used Coconut oil on their hair from starting have never developed any problem of hair fall, dandruff and dry hair. It is extremely beneficial for skin.

As it has healing properties. If you apply coconut oil on your pain or wounds, they will heal naturally. Coconut Oil contains Vitamin E and Lauric acid which are very essential for strong and healthy hair. Also it helps in hair growth.

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The only difficulty with Coconut oil is that it takes little time to show its effects. As applying coconut mask or applying coconut oil on itchy area will take a month to show its effect and trust me when it will start it will blow your mind and you will become the talk of the town for those fabulous shiny long hair.

Applying coconut oil on dry lips and dry skin helps in moisturizing and making them supple and soft. People facing itching problem should use little of camphor (kapoor) to get instant relief.

So I will be discussing some Hair mask of Coconut which are very easy and will give you super duper shiny hair by helping in getting rid of damaged ends.

Coconut Honey Mask

All you need is 2 table spoon of Coconut oil, 2 tablespoon of Honey and mix them in a bowl. Heat the mixture till you see the hot bubbles in it. After 2-3 minutes when its OK hot for our skin to bear, start the application by partitioning the hair.

From top to bottom apply it with the help of brush in good amount all over the hairs. From roots to all over the hair, cover each and every inch and make a bun.

Leave it for 30 minutes and wash. Repeating this every week will actually help to repair your damaged hair and will moisturize them beautifully.

Note: Always comb your hair before you apply any mask. It will help you with proper application of mask. Also by this you will see less hair fall at the time of washing hair.

Eggs and Coconut Paste

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Mixing eggs will help you with shinier and stronger hair. Eggs have lot of proteins which strengthen your hair and help them become thicker. Mixing egg with coconut will help you with shiny, strong hair. It a beautiful combination and is very successful in benefiting your hair with every application.

Take a raw coconut and blend it well to make a paste. Add 2 eggs in it and mix it well. Apply it on your hair roots and all over your hair and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it and discover beautiful hair.

Note: You will not be able to remove all the particle of coconut from hair while washing. So don’t panic. Once your hair gets dry after wash, they too will automatically get rid off with normal combing.

Have you tried any of these Coconut Masks For Hair?

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