Coconut Milk – 10 Uses Of On Skin & Hair


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Coconut Milk is not only used to flavour your favourite dish but also used intensively in your skin and hair routine. This is nature’s gift to every skin and hair woes and in India, it is so easy to find and use. Though some people claim that this has skin whitening properties, I prefer to use it in every way other than that! Coconut Milk can definitely brighten your skin giving a flawless appearance and this post is all dedicated to this nature’s boon. Listing down 10 benefits of coconut milk for skin and hair. Enjoy!

10 Uses of Coconut Milk:


If you have dry skin, let me introduce you to your BFF! Coconut Milk is rich in moisturising properties that help to nourish skin. Just apply coconut milk and then wash off your face. It also has skin brightening properties.

  • In your bathing water

Feel like a princess and bath in milk! Well, not exactly. Just take a mug of coconut milk and add some rose water into it. Put in inside your bathtub or bucket of water. Apply it all over your body and this will help rejuvenate skin and lock in moisture.

Sunburn is a very typical problem for summers and coconut milk is a natural way to cure it. Dip a cotton into coconut milk and apply it. It will cool down the skin and make it smooth and beautiful. It will reduce redness and itchiness.


If you feel coconut oil is too heavy for you to remove makeup, try coconut milk. This is suitable for all skin types and will help make your makeup soluble. Just dip cotton into coconut milk and remove your makeup with ease.

Due to the high concentrate of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fatty acids, coconut milk helps to attain smooth skin and make skin free from wrinkles. This helps to cure premature ageing spots and signs.

Coconut Milk is suitable for all skin types – dry, oily, sensitive as well as the combination skin. The moisturising properties of coconut milk help to treat various skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

Watch the amazing use of Coconut Oil on Skin to relieve Stress marks!


Due to the nourishing properties of coconut milk, it can repair dry and rough hair which is damaged hair. Regular application of coconut milk to damaged hair can make hair less prone to hair damage.

Coconut Milk has the goodness of Fatty Acids and Vitamin E that deeply conditions hair and makes it smooth and silky. Apply for 30 minutes and then wash off and see the difference in your hair.

Coconut Milk has an abundant amount of proteins and nutrients that encourages the regrowth of hair and makes hair soft, silky and strong. It also stops hair fall in the long run.

  • Hair masks

Coconut Milk is a really effective hair nourisher that does nourish and soften hair and makes it silky smooth. If you have tremendous rough hair, replace water with coconut milk in a hair mask or else pour some coconut milk into the mask for a dose of nourishment.

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