Coconut Oil For Winter Skin & Hair Care


Coconut Oil For Winter Skin & Hair Care

I always wondered why coconut oil has been preached to be used on skin and hair when both get dry due to harsh winters. I remember my grandmother would put this oil deep into my head while she massaged it hard until it seeped through my scalp into the hair and disappeared. My mother, following her mother, would again catch hold of me and apply the oil over the weekend and tie my hair tight to retain the oil in the hair for good time like sometimes overnight and sometimes for 2-3 hours. Researching through it, I came across some benefits which I can only thank my two caring angels about. If it would not be for them, I would not have healthy hair today. Even on the skin, I used to get it applied before sleeping.

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I am sharing with you what all I just imbibed post a research on coconut oil. Read on and may be you would love to thank your elders too! Or may be me, 😛

Coconut oil is a big source of Lauric acid which is usually the strength of breast milk! Can you believe that? Its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties work wonders on dry and irritated skin and also on dry hair.


Before Bathing

During winters, when the skin loses its moisture, if you apply coconut oil regularly before having a bath, you are nourishing your skin with this Lauric acid which has the capacity to stay with you for the entire day without you having to moisturize your skin there and then again. The qualities it imparts to your skin are best if applied during the night before bed time. It also works wonders on cracked heels. If you apply a thin layer of this oil on your cracked heels and wear socks overnight, you will surely wakeup with a smile looking at your relieved feet. The hands, face and lips are all suited to this oil and are nourished well if this oil is used regularly.

For the hair, if you use this oil as a mask once or twice in the week, you are sure to enhance the strength of your hair and make them lustrous like they were never before. For this, apply thick coat of this oil on your hair and massage it deeply until it is soaked into your hair. Post this cover your hair with shower cap and keep it on for minimum 1-2 hours. After this shampoo and condition your hair as always and have a better nourished hair with luster and strength. Regular use would definitely help you unblock the clogs and have a better hair growth.

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Use Different Oils

It could also be used in combination with other oils like almond oil and castor oil which is to add its moisturizing benefits to the hair strengthening effects of these oils. People also add camphor to coconut oil to make it effective with moisturization on dandruff prone hair. Camphor plays hard on dandruff while coconut oil keeps the scalp moisturized which leads to reduction of irritation due to dryness.

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With these kinds of benefits and the reasonable price at which this oil is available to us, isn’t it a boon? Simple product with simple benefits to help you lead a simple life! Do use it this winter for your skin and hair.

Have you tried Coconut Oil for skin and haircare?

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