Cod liver tablets suppliment for healthy and luscious hair


Sometimes even if we take care of our diet and are healthy over all still our hair don’t look healthy and luscious .We all wish for thick luscious hair and many of styling products of market do not give the kind of result which we are looking for.

Though most of the times it depends upon our health too.The kind of vitamins and mineral we take or the the food which we eat but most of us need little extra help and for which supplements are required.

For boosting the look and health of hair cod liver oil can be a great supplement .Cod liver oil is a nutritional suppliment which has high level of Omega -3 fatty acids, DHA , EPA and very high level of vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Omega 3 acid is found in food such as soybeans and in some nuts and seeds too. Bengali people are known for their long hair this is because fish is their staple food and which has high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 has hair growing properties as it provides nourishment to the follicles which leads to seepeding up the hair growth.

Available in capsules or liquid form the capsules tends to be more convienent to use as it doesnt smell unlike the oil.Codliver oil suppliment provides essential nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles which are necessary for effective hair growth. With in a period of time your hair will be stronger, healthier, shinier and smoother.

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  1. And ask me how true it is what you've writeen. Also, these pills are helpful in reducing weight along with other stuff like exercising, avoiding carbs etc. It actually expedites the whole process.Love.

  2. OMG!!..I never knew that they help in losing weight as well…i am irregular in having them now i am going to eat them religiously..thanks a ton for this tip..

  3. Reading this post on codliver tablets and vit E tablets, i was wondering whether to take Vit E supplement tablets or we should go for codliver oil tablets? which is good?


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