Loving My Earrings & Neck pieces


Hello people!

I just received my courier today which has loads of makeup and before I show you a glimpse of it let me show something which I am enjoying nowadays .

Pretty earring online


I love big earrings and  these multicoloured earrings were available on discount on Youshine so I picked them ASAP. Although with the discount also they are on slightly higher side but they were in my wishlist since long .


Indian earrings+accesories


You must have seen collar chain necklace n number of times this season. They are available on almost all accessory sites. Problem with this is  that they are a little heavy and my neck starts paining after a while but I still like to wear them especially on a black dress.:P


Nice earring and necklace


See! How it adds so much of oomph to a plain black dress.I wish it wasn’t this heavy ..May be a chain or two less would have made it lighter.I prefer wearing this necklace without earrings as the necklace is a statement on its own.


collar necklace


These  earring is really light weight and can be worn regularly.


Hanging earrings



These don’t make me feel like I am wearing something huge which above one do but it can dress up any of my outfit.


Gold earrings+youshine


I have shopped lot more but I thought of showing few pieces only. I will club them up in my upcoming FOTD 🙂 I don’t remember the price of these but each one of them is less than INR 500 I believe.


Do tell me which online shopping website do you enjoy shopping accessories from 🙂


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  1. Lived every piece esp d first earring..I was going to pick the gold earring too but thought maybe it wud be too heavy…but since u say they rnt m thinking bout it..

    • No NO…they are not heavy …le le if you want to ..but the finish is not that dull gold one..it the jhtaak gold..

  2. I love the first earring too , but I searched on the site and couldn’t find it , please give the link na .

    All the pieces are fab , looking forward to seeing the rest 🙂

  3. eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww…….. pls pls pls… give me atleast one pair… I am sounding like a beggar. I know… 😛

  4. You have an amazing collection ana , I will order some jewellery from the site next month , which other online ones do you order from?

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