Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow in 02 Zenith Review & Swatches


Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow in 02 Zenith

You must’ve heard me say this before: I’m not really an eye shadow person. I sometimes am sooo thankful for that since it means atleast some money saved 😛 But once you get obsessed with beauty blogging, you in turn get obsessed with anything and everything remotely connected to makeup! :beauty: I tried hard to stay away from the world of eye colors and EOTDs but I find myself slowly (read: veryyyy slowly) joining the eye shadow league. The one I’m reviewing here is from a brand that’s popular in the UK. If anyone is interested, there are a host of ebay sellers who can get them to your doorstep. So then, let’s get on with review to help you make your decision…

Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review+eye shadow palette


About Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow In 02:-

  • Lasts upto 8 hours

  • Crease-resistant


  • Quantity: 5 gms
  • Price: 0.99 GBP
  • Ingredients:

 Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review Ingredients+eye shadow reviews


It comes in a slim, flat navy blue plastic case that is lightweight yet sturdy. It is so small and compact that it fits easily in the palm of my hand. The lid shuts tight with a click and will not open up while traveling. The lid has a see-through panel through which the shadows are visible. This makes it easy to locate shades. There is no mirror attached but a dual-tip sponge applicator is included. One side of the applicator has a wide head while the other has a narrow head for precise application. I personally have not used the applicator provided since I prefer brushes and find that sponges simply absorb too much product and lead to wastage.


Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review Shade+best eye shadow

Shade description:

This is a neutral palette and contains 3 shades that can be worn any time of the day. All the shades contain tiny flecks of shimmer that is not at all OTT and very wearable. The topmost shade is a shimmery-beige that can be used as a brow bone highlighter or near the tear duct. The middle shade is an olive-toned, golden brown that appears like a rustic, antique gold when swatched. This has a satin finish with a lovely sheen and appears less “shimmery” than the other two. The last shade is a deep, chocolate brown with flecks of silver shimmer. This shade has the most conspicuous shimmer (although not at all chunky) since the silver stands out in stark contrast against the deep brown.

 Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review Texture+apply eye shadow


All the shades are finely milled and super smooth. What I love is that they are not at all powdery and there’s no fallout. I don’t like it when shimmery shadows create a messy-looking pan and fly all over the place when opened. But there are no such issues with this one. :yes:


Pigmentation is quite average. The colors require at least two swipes or more to show up. Although they swatch quite easily on the hand, the color fails to show up adequately on the eyelids.

Lasting power:

Am not sure if it’s because of my oily skin, but this barely lasts 2 to 3 hours on me. It could also be because presently the weather is awfully hot and humid here. The color fades evenly but does a disappearing act after a while, leaving me with just a hint of color. But it does last longer when worn in the evening and the looks lovely under artificial light.


Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review Colors+eye shadow


Because of the above-mentioned factor, I’ve never had to really bother about removing this since I can’t quite see if I still have it on. 😛 Nevertheless, it comes off easily with soap and water and does not require a separate eye makeup remover.

What I like about Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow:-


  • Sleek, compact, travel-friendly packaging
  • See-through panel on lid makes it easy to locate shades
  • All 3 shades are very wearable and will complement all skin tones
  • Although all the shades are shimmery, they do not look OTT and have a nice sheen
  • Satin-smooth texture
  • Shimmer is neither chunky nor gritty
  • Does not crease or flake
  • Fades evenly
  • Barely any fall-out
  • Easy to remove
  • Does not irritate my eyes (when worn on the eyelids or upper lashline)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes in a wide selection of shades


What I don’t like about Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow:-


  • Availability in India
  • Pigmentation is average and colors are quite sheer (especially the dark brown)
  • Staying power is very low on my oily skin. Barely lasts 3 hours in humid weather.
  • Because of the above mentioned factor, this is best used with a primer. Else, the colors seem to just melt into skin when blended and does not show up well when worn alone
  • Since I have sensitive eyes,  I did face very mild irritation when I used this on the waterline
  • Not a con, but I personally wish the chocolate brown shade had been matte, The silver shimmer looks out-of-place and does not really complement the golden hues of the other two shades

Rating: 3.8/5

Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow 02 Zenith Review Finger Swatches+eye shadow colors


Please not that the swatches may look powdery because I have layered the color heavily without blending. I have not included an EOTD since my camera simply refused to capture the shades! :pain: Try as I might, not one picture seemed to do justice to the actual shade on my eyelids :struggle: Anyways, these shades are quite common and I guess, by now, everyone knows what they look like on the eyes. :cute:

Final Thoughts:

I love how tiny and compact the packaging is and the shades are gorgeous (although easily dupe-able). I particularly love the middle antique gold shade. I don’t mind the pigmentation since I like sporting sheer shades. Where it truly disappoints is the staying power. When worn alone, it just sinks into my oily skin within a couple of hours and I’m left with barely a whisper of color. This could be due to the current hot and humid weather where I live and may fare better in winter and on those with dry skin. In spite of its shortcomings, I think this is pretty good for the price you pay. All you need is a good primer, and it’ll work in your favor. :lashes:

 Have you tried Collection 2000 Total Colour Trio Eye Shadow in 02 Zenith ?


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  1. dis is gud for d price na nafs….. :-)) i love neutrals..but i have very oily lids will skip it 😛 lovely detailed review nafssuuuu :hug-makeup:


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