Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution Review & NOTD


Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution


Hello ladies!

Who likes holographic polishes? I’m sure all of us do! Today, I have a stunner for you, called Revvvolution. That’s not a typo. The name actually has 3 V’s. Revvvolution is from the Femme Fatale Collection that Color Club released in Spring 2009. This collection was Color Club’s first attempt at holo nail lacquers, and I think they did a fairly good job.


Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution


Price: $8 (excluding shipping). Some Color Club shades are available at Jabong for INR 400-500.

My experience with Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution:

Colour: Revvvolution is a black holo. The finish falls somewhere between linear and scattered. The holo particles are not as fine as in true linears, but not big enough to be classified as a scattered holographic either. Even though I knew it wasn’t an in-your-face holo, the effect was more subtle than I was expecting. I admit that I would have liked the holographic effect to be stronger, but the colour is so pretty that I can look past this. The shade really is gorgeous: the photos speak for themselves. This is also a good alternative for those of you who want to jump onto the black nail polish bandwagon but aren’t comfortable with plain black crème polishes.


Color Club Revvvolution NOTD


Application: The formula is thick, but not unworkable. It’s important to make the coats as thin as possible to avoid an uneven, streaky finish. Thin coats also help combat the slow drying time of this polish.

Pigmentation: Unlike many holographic polishes, this one is highly pigmentated. The base colour is so saturated and the holo particles are so dense that you could almost get away with one coat, especially if you have short nails. But I use two out of habit, and to hide tiny imperfections.


Color Club Revvvolution Nail Lacquer


Longevity: The durability of the lacquer is average. It lasts for around three days without base/topcoat before I get noticeable tip wear. I expect more from an expensive brand like Color Club. But we do need to keep in mind that most holographics don’t have the best formula.


Color Club Revvvolution


What I Like About Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution:

  • Beautiful holo colour
  • High Pigmentation
  • Big 3 Free

What I Don’t Like About Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution:

  • Holo could have been stronger
  • Thick consistency
  • Slow-drying
  • Average stating power

Rating: 2.5/5

When Revvvolution was first released, it was one of the best holographic nail lacquers available. Four years back, I would have told you that this is a must-have. However, many new options have come out since then: stronger holos with a much better formula. So though Revvvolution is still available, I suggest that you skip it and give some newer holos a try.

Have you tried Color Club Nail Lacquer Revvvolution?

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  1. The holographic effect isn’t too strong but Color Club was one of the first to dabble in this, so you gotta give them that.
    Incredible NOTDs as usual! 🙂

    • I did mention that they did a good job, especially since they were not many holos at that time 🙂 And they deserve even more credit because till then, no brand had created a black holo as beautiful as this one. I used to love this polish when I first got it 😀


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