Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask Review


Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask


Apa khabir all must be thinking that what I am talking about? Actually Iam in Malaysian spree now a days. For the last twelve days I was in Benaras to attend the marriage ceremony of my beloved Sister in law. Last year I visited Malaysia to hubby’s aunt place in Kuala lampur and purchased some of the skin care products there … and this year when I came to knew that Aunt is coming to attend the function I jumped with joy due to obvious reasons 😉 I immediately rung her up and requested her to bring some products for me. She was kind enough to bring lots of products as per my request ranging from Garnier, Nivea and Lancome to some Korean sheet masks which I am going to review for you dolls..

So let’s start the review chain with one sheet mask which is from Korean Brand- Color Combos skincare the name of which is Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask. Since I am very tired after all the functions and travelling so I’ll use more pictures in the post rather than words.


Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Mask


So girls let’s start the review.

About Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask:


Color Combos Oatmeal Facial Sheet Mask details


Quantity: One sheet contains 30 grams of the product.

Price: 4.90 Ringgit app. INR 90/- for one time use sheet mask.



Color Combos Oatmeal Facial Sheet Mask ingredients


Shelf life: 24 months.

My take on Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask:

There was a scorching heat in Benaras and I tanned really bad after roaming shop to shop daily in afternoon so I started with this mask sheet. I was not expecting any whitening effect or translucent skin as per the claims made, I only wanted a quick fix for my tanned skin so after coming back I switch on my lappy and started checking various posts on Wise She that I’ve missed in last few days with this sheet on my face as per the directions given on the pack.


Color Combos Oatmeal Facial Sheet Mask


The mask sheet comes neatly packed in the pouch and feels wet to touch. When I unfolded the mask it comes out in a bit thick white sheet with flap covers given for eye, lips and ear area. However the sheet is like huge or may be I have a small face (which actually is not :-)) it covers my face well, however I have to press it firmly with my fingers so that it should adhere well to my skin all over- but due to its size I feel it a bit uncomfortable as it was a bit difficult to evenly apply it all over the face and neck.

However the moment I applied it, it felt it really soothing and moisturizing on my skin, the smell is subtle and is not at all disturbing. I let it stand for 20-25 minutes and then took off the sheet and pat my skin with fingers so that the residual serum gets absorbed by the skin. After this much time also the sheet was not completely dried-off and there was still some moisture left in the sheet.

Now lets talk about the after-effects. First the whitening i.e.the tan removal part- I didn’t noticed any noticeable change in my skin tone however my face appeared a bit brighter and smoother after the first use. I have 4 more sheets left, so may be after some more usage my skin will restore its usual complexion (fingers crossed).It is my first experience with the sheet masks and I found it more soothing, calming and less messy when I compared it with my usual DIY face masks however I can’t compare the effectiveness at this very moment.


Color Combos Oatmeal Whitening  Facial Mask


As already mentioned I have few more mask sheets and after trying them all only I can give my honest opinion regarding the effects of these products.

What I like about Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask:

  • Easy to apply, not at all messy.
  • Soothes and gives a relaxing effect to my skin.
  • No overpowering smell.
  • Moisturizes skin well.
  • Comes out easily.

What I don’t like about Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask:

  • No visible brightening or whitening effects post single usage.
  • Availability, availability and availability 🙂

Rating: I’ll give it 3 on a scale of 5.

Shall I recommend Color Combos skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask:

Although these sheet masks are not available in our country- however for those who can lay their hands upon these products, you can try it once as these are reasonably priced, easy to use and a decent sheet mask option available.

Have you tried Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask ?

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