Color Correcting And How It Helps To Get Flawless Look


Color Correcting And How It Helps To Get Flawless Look

People often confuse color correctors with concealers and highlighters.  While concealers are required to hide the fallacies, and highlighters are required to highlight parts of your face which could attract attention and make the dull parts look hidden.

Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector

Color correctors are actually, required to correct the skin tone making it even for the entire face rather than having different shades on the face.

Bobbi Brown Corrector Peach

While concealers and highlighters are used matching your skin tone, color correctors are usually of different colors and are not very usually of the same color as your skin tone. Rather they are of different colors to ensure that the skin tone balances out and makes it evened on your overall appearance.

Pixi Brightening Peach Correction Concentrate

What Are Color Correctors For?

Color correctors are required to bring about a tender and pleasant change to your skin with flawless finish. While choosing colors, we must ensure that the color of the corrector is exactly opposite to the color of the area we need to correct. For instance, a blue or purple colored discoloration would be neutralized by a yellow or peach color.  Similarly a red colored discoloration would be treated by a green and a yellow by a purple color corrector. This is because opposite colors tend to remove the effect of each other. Also while your skin color is permanent and fixed, the color correctors can work to neutralize their impact and make you look flawless.

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Palette 24 Color

Some palettes also entail pink color which is mostly required to highlight the under eye area and also brightens it. This means we can use this color as a highlighter also. Color correctors are usually to be applied before foundation and concealers so as to even out your skin tone before you can apply a suitable makeup.

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Color correctors also work wonders for people who get redness all over during winters. You can use a green textured color corrector and use it during winters to look normal as you do in summers. People must try this and make use of this boon to save a no makeup yet red look.

Orange color corrector

The color correctors from brands like NYX and LORAC are known world over for their results. People are using them all around the year as they form a good makeup base as well.

How To Use Color Correctors?

They come in different textures cream, powder and even primers. You can choose it the way you would be comfortable with and use it beneath your foundations to hide those unwanted colors on your skin making you look flawless!

So, if you know your skin tone, you must use a color corrector accordingly and start looking fresh and beautiful. If you do not know, here is what you can do. Also if your skin is sensitive and you have a pinkish undertone, you must use a yellow color corrector. If you have dark skin tone, and you are struggling to lose that greyish impact of your skin discoloration, try using a peach shade which will take away the greys off your face. In case you have a yellow undertone, you must use a lavender color corrector to look pretty! I hope by now you are aware of the color that you must try. For red undertones, I already mentioned above that you should use a green color corrector.

These color correctors are rightly called as a makeup man’s magic! Do try them.

Have you used Color Correctors before?

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