Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze Review & Swatches


Hey all,

I got a call a few days back from the Colorbar store (ya the SA knows me there:P) and she told me some new BB creams have been launched! The store is a stones throw away fr om my office and off i went! I was looking for a new BB cream for a while now. Usually ,I match perfectly with the middle shade in the range,and I bought it without trying it on. Good move or no? Read on!

Colorbar beauty balm bb cream review


  • Price : Rs 550 for 29 gms.
  • Three colours available.


What Colorbar says abt the BB cream?

Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze ingredients


Ingredients: Not mentioned but company claims that product has no Parabens.


Colorbar beauty balm reviews






 MY experience with Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze:-


The BB cream comes in a cute flat tube and the product is easy to dispense out of the tube.The only grouse I have with the packaging is true of all tube packaging ,is that the product tends to collect at the base of the nozzle making it look a little less appealing. Also ,there is a label on the lid of the tube which mentions the shade name and is not printed on the tube.

But,these are minor points. The texture of the BB cream,makes it a winner for me. It is almost like an air whipped texture which looks like a mousse and blends effortlessly.

The coverage leans more towards the sheer side but that is good for daily usage.It wont cover up imperfections,but blur them to a certain degree giving a natural but polished look. I need to use a concealer for my undereye area with this,but then again,I am prone to really dark under eye circles.

Now coming to the million dollar question! Is it suitable for oily or combination skin? Hell yes! The BB cream gives a Soft glow to the skin without being oily. Dry skinned girls.. find something else or use a moisturiser underneath. Maybelline BB cream made me look like an oil pan and the stick gave me too matte a look,plus I had issues with rubbing a stick on my acne prone skin.

As far as the colour is concerned,The shade looks warm when swatched but once applied ,it sets into my perfect shade without giving a white cast. I just wish the Spf was higher than 20,as the other BB creams in the market have a higher Spf. But that is not an issue with me as I layer on a sunscreen under the BB cream.

Also.I have been using this for a week and it hasn’t broken me out at all.And that is BIIIIIIG Plus for me!

The BB cream lasts abt 5 -6 hours,with the T zone getting marginally shiny after abt 4 hours ,but nothing that cannot be handled with some compact. I top the BB cream with compact on most days before I leave for work,and then I am set for the whole day.

Have a look at the Swatches

colorbar bb cream ingredients for oily skin


The swatch looks warmer than my skintone  but once blended it sets into a perfect match. Take a look at the blended swatch. I have not been able to attach a face shot due the rain Gods smiling down at Mumbai since a month now and the lighting sucks and I dont get clear pics. Ok ,enough ranting.Take a look


colorbar bb cream before after


Summing it up:


What I do not like about Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze:-

  • Cute packaging
  • No parabens ( as claimed by company)
  • Fab texture
  • Suitable for my combintaion skin
  • Did not break me out
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Hides minor imprefections


What I do not like about Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze:-

  • No ingredients
  • Priced slightly on the higher side
  • Spf should have been more than 20


My rating:4.5/5

Have you tried Colorbar BB Cream In Honey Glaze?

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  1. amazing review, i soooo want this, all 3 shades r apt for our skin tone, just want to know, is it availble at any online shopping site??? do let me know.

  2. This seems like its made for me, I have acne prone oily skin but the price… well, why ~ i get it! 😀 Will surely try it out. 🙂

  3. Bhavana .. So far this is the only one that worked as well.. .. I like the sheer coverage for everyday use! Deborah BB cream has almost medium coverage and worked more like a foundation

    • Yesh Yesh :). BTW Shwee, what sunscreen do you use underneath ? Sunscreens usually are so oily , i get pimples with it 🙁


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