Colorbar Chestnut Eyebrow Pencil Review


Colorbar Chestnut Eyebrow Pencil

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to review about Colorbar eyebrow pencil in shade CHESTNUT. Although I am blessed with thick eyebrows but bit of touch up always required every now and then. I want them fuller and love to have my brows look thicker and shinier which is very easy using a color brow pencil.

colorbar eyebrow pencil review

I cannot trust the parlors for the same as they are not so trained in India.They seem to be just applying the thread sans the knowledge. I have had some bad experiences so I felt the need to try the pencils on my own. I get succumbed to uneven eye brows every now and then, almost once in two months, I get pissed off with the parlor people for making my brows uneven.

So, knowing to use a brow pencil saves a day many a times. Nevertheless, I always have maintained that sooner the better applies to life everywhere! Sigh!

colorbar eyebrow pencil chestnut

I picked up stunning brow pencil from Colorbarfor its wonderful shade CHESTNUT. It suits my brow color well. The sharpen-able wooden pencil comes in an outer silver carton,typical of Colorbar.It has a spoolie on the other hand of the pencil. This means both the ends of the pencil are protected with cover,which keeps the product hygiene even if you throw away the outer carton.This is something very good about the product. Though it lacks the sharpener which would have been a complete package about the product but nevertheless, a regular sharpener works fine so it is okay to be compensated. At least the pencil stays entirely covered and hygienic for any time use.

Colorbar Chestnut Eyebrow Pencil Swatch:-

colorbar eyebrow pencil chestnut swatch

The staying power is pretty long; once set, the pigments stay on without moving or smudging for more than 7-8 hours. After that it starts fading, but does not move about on the face which is a great thing.

Also a word of caution here, it would be better to try this at home a few times before you move out wearing this. This is so because this product is a lot creamier than regular brow pencils.It melts in summers because of its creamy consistency so before you apply it somewhere outside, do try it carefully inside.

colorbar eyebrow pencil chestnut with spoolie

Priced NR 650 for 1.080 grams which I don’t think justify the price 😛

Final Verdict!

Although I have read some great reviews about this pencil but it disappoints me somewhere..When I use it I find as if I am using a crayon. It is insanely pigmented and I really have to brush my brows a lot to get off the dark shade which I have barely touched upon on my brows. Sometimes even the brush is not enough I need to literally take a tissue to wipe off extra.

colorbar eyebrow pencil

I think it will only work for me in winter season where it wont melt much..It just doesn’t give me a free hand to work upon my brows.

I like the color and staying power but the texture is something which disappoints me like anything.

Have you tried the Colorbar brow pencil ? If yes ! then do let me know in the comment section:-

Rating – 2.5/5

Review update- I went to the colorbar store for a shoot and then I realized that this product is not supposed to be used directly.As its highly pigmented it is best to be used with a brush to avoid the stark lines.


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