Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily Review & Swatches



Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily

Hi everyone..

I have been ‘gayab’ from this space for a long while now and here I throw a big hello wave at you all. Ana, Tarun – you guys have been really supportive and encouraging. Thank you so much for being what you are.

There are many reasons for me to love wiseshe and the same reasons have brought me back to writing here. The product I am going to review, I am sure, will compel you guys to splurge your money on colorbar. It is a hot pink shade from Colorbar’s recent launch deep matte lip crème named deep lily.


Colorbar deep matte lip creme


Price: INR 675.You can buy fro, flipkart here.

About Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme:

An ultra-silky, virtually “weightless” texture that unveils unexpected moussy finish with impeccable high pigmentation color for high coverage effect.

These innovative combinations of ingredients give the formula special gliding consistency to coat lips with deep colors that have a matte, yet intensely bright effect.

Features and benefits:

  • Stays up to  8hrs
  • Weightless Emollient oils for an impalpable texture
  • Silicon Polymers for a mousse and Velvet Touch
  • Jellifying Agents for moisturisation
  • Texturing Powders for smooth application
  • Paraben Fee
  • Fragrance Free


Take the applicator and glide to apply the same

Make perfect shape of the lips with the unique applicator


Colorbar deep matte lipcreme


My experience with Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily:

It comes in a transparent gloss like packaging. So, mine is a huge pink glass tube lipstick which seems to be pretty attractive on its own. The color that you see from the outside is exactly what you get on application; so there are no chances of misconception in terms of shades.

The consistency is thick; yes, it is a thick liquid lipstick inside there. For the perfect application- clear off the excess liquid from the tip of the wand, dab on different spots on your lips and then go swiping the wand on the lips to get a neat lip line and even application. If you pull out the wand and directly swipe it on your lips, you’ll end up getting excess lipstick and not so neat application.


Colorbar deep matte lip creme deep lily


It is a super super pigmented lipstick- full marks there colorbar!

Now, the lipstick feels creamy for a while just after application. After say 3-5 minutes it gets less creamy and settles to that consistency. I am using the word “less creamy” and not “dry” because it does not give that dry/paint like/stretchy feeling to your lips at all. For the rest of the day it will remain in that comfortable ‘matte yet soft on lips’ form and still manage to not budge from its place. This is like the best thing that colorbar has to offer in this range. On top of that, there is minute to no transfer of the lipstick to articles. With that slight creamy matte texture, I thought it would transfer but it didn’t.

The staying power is excellent too. They claim 8 hour stay; I say it stays for more than that. I had this one on my lips for 10 hours; even after those 10 hours it had lightened a bit but it was very well there. Benefit of doubt may go to the dark shade of the one I own but I think lighter shades would nevertheless pull off for 8 hours still. It survived my meals and water sips as well with just slight lightening of the shade.

Oh, did I forget shade description up there? Well, ‘Deep lily’ in particular is one hell of a beautiful hot pink shade and with that staying power, need I say more?


Colorbar deep matte lipcreme deep lily swatch


It would suit most Indian skin tones and it is not one of those hot pinks with prominent blue undertones. It is a gorgeous pink that I would recommend you guys despite being more of a subtle shade lover myself.

AND, it has no smell at all. Colorbar.. Now I am impressed!

To some up, I have tried cream/liquidy lipsticks before and I haven’t been as much satisfied with any of them as I am with this one. You should definitely check this range out.


Colorbar lipcreme deep matte deep lily lipswatch


P.S. Other shades that caught my interest were ‘deep rust’ and ‘deep rose’. You may check these out too.

What I like about Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily:

  • Thick glass tube packaging which does not allow spillage of the liquid lipstick and gives accurate judgment of the shade.
  • It is one super gorgeous hot pink shade
  • Texture is highly impressive- soft, comfortable yet matte.
  • Minute to no transfer of the lipstick to articles.
  • AB-SO-LU—TELY no smell.
  • Staying power is amazing beyond words.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily:

  • I can’t figure out any.

Rating: No marks for guessing it right: 5/5

Go check out and until next time take care!

Have you tried Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme Deep Lily?

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  1. Welcome back sahiba 🙂 this seems really good, I want to try this range from colcorbar, shade looks amazing, I will check this out

  2. look who is back! I missed you and your great reviews. I bought FE sanjeevni elixir for my mom on your recco :))
    This lip creme looks tempting too


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