Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude Review & Swatches


Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude – Hello Lovely ladies. Lip pencils (a.k.a. lip liners) are designed to enhance any lipstick and offers a pulled together look. It outlines your lips to prevent lipstick bleeding, gives a smooth shape, and fills uneven areas, especially around the perimeter of your lips.Lip liner is a great tool for defining your lips that will, at the same time, make your lipstick application look flawless. By using lip liner, you can  show off the beautiful overall shape of your lips. Today Iam going to talk about Colorbar definer Lip liner in Creamy Nude.


Colorbar Definer Lipliner


About Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude:-

Here comes a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all day look. This waterproof magic lip wand works as fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. Apply your glosses and lipsticks over this base for long lasting colour. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge.This little product is easy to carry in your bag. It comes with it’s own sharpener cap so that every time you apply the lip liner you get a proper defined pencil to form a base for your lips. The Colorbar Definer Lip Liner come in all quirky and vibrant shades of reds, pinks and oranges like Clear Red, Rosy Red, Berry Rose, Summer Pink, True Mauve and Creamy Nude.

  • Price and Quantity:  Rs.550/- for 1.45 g.You can buy it from Jabong.
  • Packaging: This Lip liner is in long wooden pencil form with an inbuilt sharpener in the cap. Black colored pencil is engraved with white detailing and there is a colored band at the end of the pencil for easy location of the liner in your stash. Here there is a concept of dual cap, i.e. first there is a cap which covers the pencil with an inbuilt sharpener and there is one another cap which covers this sharpener case, thus this dual cap system gives this lip pencil an elongated look so the pencil looks realllly long. The quality of the wood of the pencil is very good and sharpens easily which results in the minimal wastage of product.


Colorbar Definer Creamy Nude


Colour: Opaque, Medium Pigmented Beige-orangey(slighttt)-nude color.

My Experience with Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude:

This Lip liner is very smooth and glides like dream on my lips, neither tug nor pulls my lips. Although being a lip pencil it is supposed to be dry but believe me ladies it m=never feels harsh matte to me. Many a days I apply it even without my lip balm but it never feels dry or cakey. Pigment wise it is ok-ok.I have to swipe it two to three times to give the color which will show on my face-naturally na it is nude in color 🙂 and it also don’t cover the pigmented areas of my lips. Staying power is amazing it stays easily up to 5-6 hours without touch ups owing to its water-proof nature and it fades evenly. As per claims made by the company this beauty neither bleed nor get smudged but it did emphasis the imperfections of the lips like dryness and chappiness and seeps in between lines.


Colorbar Lipliner Creamy Nude


Now the not so good points about the product- first of all the color-although the color is perfect partner for my Maybelline My Mahogany lipstick yet when I try to wear it alone it badly washes me out so I can only use it as a lip liner. I want to try my Lip liners as Lip colors also but I have hard luck with this beauty. Secondly I think the pricing policy of Colorbar is going haywire, this Lip liner also costs me Rs.550/-which is too much for a lip liner.

Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude Swatches:


Colorbar  Creamy Nude Handswatch

Colorbar  Creamy Nude Lipswatch


What I like about Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude:

  • Convenient packaging comes with an inbuilt sharpener.
  • Buttery  smooth texture.
  • Opaque color.
  • Waterproof hence stay long.
  • Does not smudge/bleed.
  • Never feels dry.
  • Minimal transfer.
  • Sharpens easily with minimal product wastage.
  • Glides easily on the lips without tugging or pulling.
  • Fades evenly.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude:

  • The color washes me out if I wear it as a lip color.
  • Pricey for a lip liner.

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude?

It is a good Lip liner, if you are ok with the price tag then go and get a one :-). Have you tried Colorbar Definer Lipliner in Creamy Nude?


  1. i prefer using lip liners for lining the lips only..filling them in causes dryness.. . 🙁
    and moreover, i’ll never spend 550 for a lip liner…it hurts…OOUUUCCCHHH…!!! 😛

    • But these are quite a hype Madhu because they are not drying at all…i liked their shades ..if you are a lip liner person then this is a good choice.

      • definitely not a lip liner person..i have only three in my vanity, each from lakme, maybelline and rimmel…those are the things that i bought but hardly used 🙁

  2. I have a similar shade in Rimmel. And yes they are a bit drying when used for entire lips. I use liners only with lipsticks. And 550 for a liner is a little too expensive..

  3. Looks like a gorgeous shade…… I have another shade of this lovely colorbar lip liners…… and I have to agree with you these are so smooth and creamy…… glide smoothly……. and the staying power is also good……. I never used these for fuller lips though…… but as a lip liner these are great…… nicely reviewed.

  4. I just ordered one of these! I was so scared that they would be drying, but I am so glad you had a good experience with it. 🙂
    Very nicely reviewed!


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