Colorbar Exclusive nail paint swatches

Few weeks back I did a nail art tutorial and most of you asked me about the nail paint which I used in this tutorial.Well it is none other than our Colorbar Nail paint.It is a kind of glitter nail polish which is not too glittery and you can easily wear it every day unlike other colors from their collection such as blue and yellow nail polish which needed to be toned down by doing nail art.

    Colorbar exclusive nail paint

   Color of the nail paint is much better then what it looks here.

Above I applied  two coat but when I use this nail paint in my nail art even one coat works well.

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    by the way it is your off and i read some where that u can sleep for 12 hour straight ..i thought i will be seeing u late..
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  2. I love such kind of silver glitter in transparent base nail paints. They look so polished & are great for office wear too without looking OTT.

  3. how lucky you are …i miss my mom so much Tanz…her food, her pampering…the best thing in the world which i realized when i got married and got my mom in law:P


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