Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Cocoa Bar Review & Swatches


 Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Cocoa Bar Review and Swatches –


A creamy brown eyeliner

“I glide, u glide , everybody glides “- it’s my new Colorbar i glide song :p everybody sing along with me hehe.

I remember how I was always on the hunt for the best eye pencil and when I found Maybelline Colossal kajal I thought my search had come to an end. It was my favourite eye pencil UNTIL I used Colorbar I glide eye pencil. And I’m sorry my dear Colossal but i think you have just been replaced!


Colorbar i glide eye pencil Cocobar 02 review and swatches+colorbar eyeliner reviews+brown colour eyeliner colorbar



  • SHADE – Cocobar is a brownish black eye pencil. Very pigmented.As the name suggests it’s supposed to be true brown but It’s not one complete color but with a dual personality. A single swipe gives a brown dominated tone. But repeated layered swipes show Black shade. This shade will suit any skin tones :).
  • PACKAGE- I love the box it comes in(silver with one end showing the shade). As for the pencil itself…hmmm…frankly speaking I’m too lazy to sharpen it so i don’t really like the whole “high school sharpener” idea. Oh no! It’s not my thing. Plus it results in wastage of the pencil. And boy this one runs out like crazzyyyy so I’m trying to economise on its use hehe. So I reallyyy wish it came as twist up pencils. (I can’t always get what I want right? Sad face *)
Colorbar i glide eye pencil Cocobar 02+creamy brown eyeliner reviews+brown eyeliner
  • TEXTURE – I’m so pleased with the texture though it’s hard to describe it in precision. I would put it this way “its S-M-O-O-O-O-T-H” (all in capital letters)  :p
  • STAYING POWER– on my eyelids they have a staying power of about 6 hours , after which it begins to start sticking to the lid crease (but that s probably because I have greasy eyelids..Boo!) . Totally smudge proof and water resistant (not soap resistant though hehe just FYI). And Colorbar claims it’s easy to blend, but it’s not (if its smudge proof how can I blend it- I tried!)
Colorbar i glide eye pencil Cocobar 02 swatches+ brown creamy eyeliner reviews and swatches
  • PRICE Rs. 350 (a tat too pricey considering how fast it will run out 🙁 )You can buy from here
  • WEIGHT 1.1g
  • RATING 4.5/5


(P.S. Dear Colorbar makers, I hope the I glide pencils were 2 feet long for the same price lol)

Have you tried Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Cocoa Bar ?


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  1. WOW! Now I want this brown more than the revlon one.. After all its colorbar…n yeyeyyee PHIL u finalyl have a colorbar IGLIDE …Bhagwan ne sun li! 😉 😀 :yippee:

      • oh yes…i kno wot u mean…this range was the d first one i used which had t b sharpened….i started out wid liquid liners simply coz i dint wana bother with sharpening… but this is so smooth that i dnt mind…have gotten used t it…i keep sat or sun as sharpening day :).

  2. i so luv d texture of these…but it doesnt show up well on my lids 🙁 nonetheless i know u must be loving this alot simply coz of how soft and smooth this is 🙂


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