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Colorbar Illuminating Pen

I had to attend a wedding so I was hunting for a highlighter desperately.  The SA at one store showed me a highlighter, which looks shiny and blinky if you turn off the light of that room, I would shine not because of the glow but due to that shimmer.  I came out of that shop with lost heart as well as hope and went to Colorbar counter to buy my foundation.  There I Saw a lady buying some pen like thing .Seeing that I became curious and followed that lady just to check what type of makeup item she is carrying. But I noticed that the lady was staring me because of my weird behaviour. So, I went to that SA and asked what that pen type thing is? Some free gifts or what?  She smiled and said it a HIGHLIGHTER Mam and showed it to me. My ears were blessed after listening to her, I felt like a sweet breeze flowing around me and my heart was saying “Yes! I found you! No matter how much u hide from me!!!! ” I snatched it from her and quickly paid the money, but forgot to buy the foundation.

Colorbar Illuminating Pen Review+make up

Price: Rs.425 (shell life 3 years)

My experiencewith Colorbar Illuminating Pen:

It’s the perfect highlighter for my skin tone (DUSKY COMPLEXION). I think it will suit every complexion. It is somewhat peachy nude fluid with very less shimmer (not exactly shimmer but something like that) giving the glowing face rather making you a shimmery ball.

Colorbar Illuminating Pen Review Bristles+cosmetics

COLORBAR ILLUMINATING PEN is in pen form, which releases that glowy fluid when clicked from bottom.

It blends properly into skin. The bristles are soft and can be directly applied on the skin. Just be cautious to use a little. In the beginning, you have to tap a little more for product to come on bristles. After that it’s easy to use.

Colorbar Illuminating Pen Review Click Pen+cosmetic

Just tap the little fluid on cheeks and blend it well on your makeup. It won’t give any patchy feeling.

Overall, I am super happy with product.

Colorbar Illuminating Pen Review Hand Swatch+face makeupColorbar Illuminating Pen Review Hand Swatch+face makeup

What I like about Colorbar Illuminating Pen:-

  • Real highlighter    (gives the glowy look)
  • Little bit is required.
  • Inexpensive (It will go long way girls)
  •  I love this pen type look.
  • Travel-friendly.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Illuminating Pen:-

  • Sometime product takes more time to come.

Other that this I can’t find any other negative point.  Give it try!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 . One of the best highlighter in the market.

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  1. i loveee this highlighter and totally swear by it! the champagne shade with tiny gold and copper colored shimmer it has is awesome no? 🙂 I think that it looks best when you’re wearing no foundation on your skin (just conceal spots and darkies) and it just melts into the skin!! 🙂

    • n oh it takes around 6 clicks to get the product flowing..but what comes out is sufficient for my cheeckbones, browbones, bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow above my upper lip!! Infact the way i’m excitedly raving about it shows how I love it!! This & the perfect match primer are my favorites from the brand and a staple in my everyday routine! 🙂

  2. Great review of an amazing beauty product….. we written thnx for guiding me I badly needed a nice highlighter will surely rush to the nearest colorbar store as soon as possible..Waiting for the review of some more pocket friendly and effective beauty products


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