Colorbar Instant Cover Up Stick Caramel Treat Review


Colorbar Instant cover up Stick in Caramel Treat :Review


I picked this up some 4-5mts earlier from UT when in need of a concealor….quite desperatey in fact. I was unsure about which shade to pick from the 3 available shades but then usually in my experience, when there are 3 shades available, the middle shade always is the closest one.

colorbar instant coverup stick + eye concealor

About Colorbar Instant Cover-Up Stick

 colorbar instant coverup stick + eye concealor

  • Price: INR
  • Shade: 002 – Caramel Treat


My experience with Colorbar Instant Cover-Up Stick

  • Packaging:  This concealor is a pencil form which I love. This is what makes it easy for me to use it. No goopiness or hygiene issues. The only thing which irks at me is the sharpening. The lazy part of me hates this and wishes I didn’t have to keep sharpening the pencil after every couple of days.

colorbar instant coverup stick + colorbar concealor

  • Coverage: It gives me medium to heavy coverage depending on how dark my dark circles are on any given day. If your DCs are really really dark, then this won’t cover them fully. All in all, this is a perfect daily coverage concealor.

colorbar instant coverup stick + coverup concealor

  • Application:  I use this majorly for my eye area. I just squiggle a couple of lines in the required areas and ten use my ring finger or a concealor brush to blend.  The best thing about this is that it blends in perfectly without any harsh lines or white casts.

colorbar instant coverup stick + coverup makeup

What I like about Colorbar Instant Cover-Up Stick

  • Its totally hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • The perfect shade
  • Great for daily use
  • Easy to carry along
  • Blends easily without any white cast


Here’s a sample of how it works on me 🙂

colorbar instant coverup stick

Don’t the DCs look horrible??? I tend to look so ill if I go out like this…No amount of makeup can conceal them!


And this is how it works on me:

colorbar instant coverup stick + concealor make up

What I don’t like about Colorbar Instant Cover-Up Stick

  • I need a sharpener which doesn’t appeal to Lazy me.
  • Only has 3 shades so one may not get the exact shade for herself.



  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Utility: 5/5
  • Ease of Usage: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality : 5/5


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  1. i hv heard so much abt this really!!! 🙂 does n awesome job. Tried both the pot n this one last weekend…i gues i’ll pick the pot one only 😉 no sharpening for lazy me too 😛

  2. have heard so much abt dis zee :-)) but i keep getting confused wid d shades.. i feel 003 is dark for me.. m waiting for d pot wala.usme dey many shades na..m super lazy to sharp 😛

      • I don’t use concealer :(, I just use the Color bar foundation (Although it gives very sheer coverage) and compact.

        I had once bought Oriflame dual concealer when I had some acne marks, but it was a total miss 🙁

        • wow!! u dont have DCs or anythin? i have such crappy ones that i hav t use a concealor on most days.. 🙁

          the oriflame one actually workd really well on me..i used it for more than a yr in fact…but i hav realised that it gets a bit hard after a while…that was part of the reason y i was nice while it lasted but i wanted something creamier..

  3. I love this Zara, this looks amazing…I was planning to pick the pot concealer but I think I will pick this one..I hate dipping my fingers into a tub..This chubby pencil looks nice

    • its awesome paro…itna creamy hai and it blends so well…i luv the potted ones but they r so messy…especially when i hav such less time in the morning to get ready…

    • its there on UT now…so do check it out nirah…

      i luv the potted ones and the pencil long as its creamy, m always satisfied..but yes this pencil wala packaging is easier to use and much more hygienic..which types do u use? wand one, pencil or pot?

  4. confused between the pot and this one…someone please help :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

    ….touch wood i do not have any marks or much dark circles ..just want to keep one handy :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

    • Sd, i think u shud first try the shade which is right for u…this pencil wala is the handiest one and extremely easy to use…but it has 3 shades only…so try these first to see whether u find ur shade…otherwise try the pots…jyo has also mentioned that th epots r nice and worth buying so u can safely assume that worth r good…so now its just about finding the shade for u 🙂

  5. wow, it gives such a good coverage.. is it better than oriflame one, i am using the oriflame one right now, will review it soon for u guys.. this one looks better, but sharpening..uhh.. i toh sachme throw away when it comes to sharpening, it’s the height of my laziness..

    • Hi Shale, how r u doin tday??

      its creamier than oriflame and lasts longer as well…for short duration wear, oriflame is pretty nice tho..

      i was very irritated with the sharpening too..but now i have a routine where every sunday b4 bed, i sharpen all the pencils whether liners or this and my kajal…and its enough for a i dont hafta touch them at all 🙂

  6. wow good idea…, i shud try yeh wala, sharpening all the ones every sunday..haha.. i use pencils when it is fresh and sharp, and stop using them when they need sharpening, my sissy and cousins ka faida, they take it away, sharpen them and re-use.. 😛

  7. TBS has a pencil one but its not good it you have to hide scar marks..wait a conceler was supposed to do that only right? :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

  8. U have beautiful eyes Zara… I have the same prob as urs… try Kryolan next time when u visit Bombay… am really thankful to Pari for letting me know about it… and buy a palette not the orange concealer which usually the SA first introduces… whenever u come to Bombay, lemme know, I’ll guide u for the directions

    • thanx forum 🙂 and thanx for th fer…ill pakka contat u when i come down…wud luv to meet up..and i kno next to zilch about kryolan so id luv all the advice i can get 🙂

  9. Zara,,tulip,,anamika,,jyoti n u all beauties out there……i would love to join u on fb
    plz do provide ur profile full name as i can add u,,,,,,,,if u wish d same.


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