Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush Review


Hey all,

I am sure most of you have read Ana’s and my posts about the new launches from colorbar. For the uninitiated, they have come out with a range of colourful beauty accessories. Today, I will be reviewing the blush brush.

 Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush Review+make up brushes

Price: Rs.475

What attracted me to this brush was the pink color. The brush has a chubby white handle and pink bristles which make it look oh -so -cute. This is primarily the reason i bought it without trying at the store.

The brush is easy to wash, as in the pigments from the blush don’t stain the brush and the brush does not shed at all. This is true of all the brushes I bought from this range. Being synthetic, the brush dries very quickly

Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush Review Handle+makeup brushes

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it is! The brush is extremely scratchy to use and it is not a pleasant feeling at all! I have been using TBS blush brush forever now and after using that brush its difficult to like something else. But, having said that, I was very excited to try this brush as I have always been happy with colorbar. This one somehow feels like the Vega Blush brush

I have given up using this brush as it is not a good feeling at all. I have washed it and dried it very well and now use it to clean the keyboard of my laptop and i feel it works better that way! So to keep it short…I would skip this one and go for a TBS blush brush instead or even the one from FACES.

Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush Review Bristles+blush brush

What I like about Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush:-

  • Cute color
  • Does not shed
  • Color does not bleed

What I don’t like about Colorbar ‘KeepBlushing’ Blush Brush:-

  • It is a very scratchy blush that negates all the positives of this brush

My rating: 2/5; 2 for the color and look of the brush

 Have you tried Colorbar “Keeping Blushing “Blush Brush?

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  1. in the first pic, the bristles are equally competing with the blush shades… looks like the shade of the bristles is standing out more. 🙂

  2. Colorbar a true to their name. Lovely colorful accessories!! But the only issue I see is that because of the color on the brushes , the amount of blush or eyecolor taken on the brush cant be judged well. Whereas Blacks or lighter shades work best that way. But who would not like to posses these cuties!!

  3. It is scratchy 😯 but it looks so colorful and droolworthy
    I havnt received my colorbar brushes yet from snapdeal, thank god i had opted for COD 😀
    Shweta, the blush shades and the palette is looking beautiful, wch are these?

  4. This looks soooo cute but if its scratchy am not getting this at all, i had ordered these from snapdeal, and they cancelled my order due to its unavailability am so glad they cancelled from their side 😉 😛 me use tbs blush brush too

  5. This brush is such a cutie! :heart: Ive seen simila looking ones on the QVS website long back. Too bad these are so darn scratchy 🙁 Nice review Shwe :yes:

  6. Oh 🙁 This is the only one i had my eye on. NOt anymore. Thanks for the review. The photos soehow reming me of the bourjois powder brush. It had whte bristles and very scratchy too

  7. I was so gonna get this…but after reading your review; will definitely skip it. Loved the colour though… Just loved pink stuff :blush:

  8. Naf … Now tht u mentioned QVs i think these brushes r manufactured by QVs i just saw the back of tje pack its right there in fine print

  9. Shwe..I don’t even think of the brush wheni opening tis post…I must hav spent a gud 2mins just staring at the blush palette!! 😉

    It’s so sad that such a ute lukin brush turned out a dud…n comparison t vega matlab this must b really sad!!!


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