Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened 001 Review & Swatches


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened


Hi everybody,

Who on earth gets enough of eyeliners? There are always new shades and textures in eyeliners which we haven’t tried at any given point of time. The ones we love get repeated in our purchase list and the ones we don’t go to the ‘good lesson’ category.

The one I am going to review today falls in the former category. Read on.


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened


Price: INR 399.You may get it here.

My experience with Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened:

It is a revolving up kind of eyeliner that means no sharpening jhik jhik when you are getting late for your work. The packaging is classy and sleek. It is less than half the thickness of an average pen.




Colorbar’s i glides have been the talk of the town since the time they were launched. I kohls unfortunately did not gather as much fame but if u ask me, I like i kohls more than the former ones. These can be used on the waterline as well as upper lash line, unlike i-glides which give you a tough time if applied on the waterline. But sadly, I-kohls have just two shades to offer- blackened and mysterious blue. I have both and I love them totally.


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened swatch


The texture is really smooth to apply and it is a very comfortable experience applying them unlike some pencil kohls that need repeated rubbing on eyes and due to the dry tips, they are not as much a good experience. The pigmentation is superb. Kohls tend to get lightened and need repeated applications on the waterline to show up, but this gives opaque jet black pigmentation in just 2 swipes. There is absolutely no stinging or irritation in the eyes.

Staying power is again impressive with both the shades staying for almost a day. These are not water proof or smudge proof but rather, water resistant and smudge resistant. If you apply these on your lower lash line and rub vigorously with your fingers, it will smudge in the under eye area. To take these off, you will definitely need a good oil based cleanser.


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened EOTD


Overall, the best thing I like about them is the rich pigmentation on the waterline and ease of usage. Such quality is a rare find at INR 399 according to me. You must try these at the store.

What I like about Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened:

  • Pretty sleek silver packaging which can be carried along in the handbag without fearing about the cap being lost inside.
  • Rich jet black pigmentation both on the waterline as well as upper and lower lash lines.
  • Very smooth in terms of texture while not being creamy at the same time.
  • Does not require rubbing to and fro on the waterline again and again.
  • No need to sharpen now and then, so no wastage.
  • Stays for a really long time.
  • Smudge resistant and water resistant.
  • Decent quantity of product given at the price.
  • Easily available.

What I do not like about Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened:

  • It is not waterproof, so do not cry with this one on. Though it will not run along with the tears like mascaras do but at the same time it will not remain completely neat.
  • It is not smudge proof. You cannot rub or touch with your fingers now and then; it will spread a little if touched.

Other than this, I did not find anything bad or unlikeable in them.

A must try kohl from my point of view.

Rating: 4.5/5

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Sahiba, this is 450 bucks now. I am using this for abt 4 months. n honestly, this is no different thank lakme ikonic …exactly same quality

    • Yup this is 450 bucks now.. Naiii Taru.. Lakme eyeconic does not give as rich pigmentation on my eyes and it smudges too.. ๐Ÿ™

  2. am now officially a fan of ur EOTD Sahiba…. and i so much love such heavily pigmented kohls…


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