Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo Carbon Black Review


Hi Gals,

I have teeny meeny eyes and I don’t like them at all :cry:, for me mascara is god send. I never go out of house without mascara as it defines my lashes and makes my eyes stand out a bit. I love dramatic masacra more than the natural ones and Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo fits the bill perfectly!

Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara

About Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo:-

Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo in Carbon Black makes the eyelashes look naturally thick and long with its lash lengthening and lash volumising formula. It prevents lashes from falling or breaking and is water resistant. This Mascara does not flake or clump and is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

  • Price: Rs 399

Quantity: 4ml of lengthening lash and 4ml of volumizing mascara

Colorbar Lash Illusion + Lengthening + Volumnising Mascara

My Take on Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo Carbon Black:-

We all love multitasking products, don’t we! 😀 Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo has both lengthening and volumising product it’s like getting two mascaras in the price of one. :angel: Its one of the best mascaras I have used. It lengths and volumizes my lashes pretty well and also holds the curl. The mascara is very black and texture is not too goopy or liquid-y, it’s perfect! :inlove: The size of the wands are perfect, I can easily apply mascara to my small inner corner lashes. One coat gives natural finish, for dramatic look you need to apply atleast 2-3 coats. It doesn’t clump if you give proper time for drying between the coats. It just takes few seconds to dry and it’s also water resistant. Actually it’s a little pain to remove it; you need a good oil based remover to remove it completely without getting raccoon eyes. 😛 I wear lens and have very sensitive eyes but this didn’t irritate or sting my eyes at all.

Colorbar Lash Illusion + Lengthening Mascara

Colorbar Lash Illusion + Volumnising Mascara

I tried to take good picture of my eyes but I suck :-|, how do you gals take such good pictures of your eyes. Share few tips with me! 🙂

Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara + EOTD

Pros of Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo Carbon Black

  • Lengthens lashes beautifully
  • Also volumizes them pretty nicely
  • Holds the curl
  • You can achieve both natural and dramatic look
  • Doesn’t clump
  • Water resistant
  • Doesn’t irritate or stings eyes
  • Budget friendly

Cons of Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo Carbon Black:-

  • You need a very good remover to remove it completely.

Would I recommend Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo Carbon Black-

Yes definitely its one of the best budget friendly mascara; you get both lengthening and volumising at the price of one! :danceleft-right:

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  1. Wow! Tulips, this mascara makes a great difference, even I dont like my eyes, they are small with thin lashes. I need this mascara :-)) :-))

  2. i have not been here in a while .. i seem to have missed some very good products ..
    Hey Tups .. this is brilliant.. visible difference and quite dramatic too .. V Nice !!!

  3. I liv tis’s my very first mascara..b4 I tried colossal also..worked really well on me..

    N tupsi !! I lub ur eyes..u shud do more such shots more often..


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