Colorbar Lip Liner Shade Clear Red And Berry Rose Review & Swatches


Colorbar Lip Liner Shade Clear Red And Berry Rose

Hi All! Today I am going to share with you a review on the Colorbar lip liner shades Clear Red and Berry Rose.

berry rose+clear red lip pencil

Let’s quickly review these two shades as these are quite nice and popular these days. People are raving about these and I could not resist trying them either.

Colorbar Lip Liner Shade Clear Red

This shade was launched back three years ago and has been on my buying list since then but never got a chance to review it somehow. It is a very bright red shade which has a good pigmentation and is a right shade of red which is neither too bright nor too dull to make it look bad.

clear red lip pencil review

The lips do not feel wrinkled using it as it bestows a smooth creasing to them. The moisturizing effect is also very good. It does not let your lips dry out. However, one should still exfoliate the lips if planning to use it alone sans lipstick.


The staying power of this lip liner is also good as people claim that it stays for good 5 hours. I am yet to wear it for this long so let me share my reviews once I do that.

The color is actually good and comes out well. It is neither surely matte nor glossy. It has a shimmery finish which ends in making your lips appear fantastic. I liked the initial performance of it and hope to share more about it once I get to wear it more.

Berry Rose

Berry Rose is a beautiful deep pink shade that you would like to apply on a daily basis. A beautiful shade close to magenta but a little more on the matte side is definitely a choice of many. I am sure you would agree as it is not the shades one would not like to have. It is named berry rose for its berry shade with all pink undertones. This one is suited to all skin tones even the duskier ones. This looks good on heavy and light lips making it a versatile shade.

One thing about these lip liner pencils is that they both are very smooth and creamy.

The pigmentation is also good and effective. These are not moisturizing but not really drying also. These are good with long lasting effect and you would definitely like to buy them and keep them with you in your bag. Easy to apply and maintain. The pencils have a sharpener at the end of their body which means a comfortable lining with tip sharp or blunt as per your choice. The pencil is easy to hold and apply. These are also travel friendly as these can fit in anywhere you keep them, even in smaller vanity pouches and glare covers.


You can easily purchase them from any Colorbar counter near you at a retail price of INR 550 which might seem a little on the expensive side but I feel with the kind of finesse these give to your lips, they are worth the expense for sure. I have seen people hoarding multiple units of these pencils, even of the same color at a go to save for the rainy days 😀

In case you feel different from my experience or you have something to add to it, do share your reviews with me by commenting below. I love to hear back from you.

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  1. The berry rose colorbar lip liner is really nice. My sister had gifted it to me on my birthday. The best part of this lip liner is that it’s travel friendly…i can easily fit it anywhere. However, I also own a lip liner from Oriflame- The ONE and this is is complementing my skin tone very well (I have a wheatish complexion) I own”Vibrant Pink” and I apply it almost everyday. They have a range of colours and you can choose according to your taste. Worth a try!


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