Colorbar Makeup Brushes Haul – Yet Again!


Hi everyone!

So, by now all of you know there is a Colorbar Exclusive store just outside my office. But what happens when you see makeup brushes that have pink and coral bristles and cute names… A haul of course… and the fun doesn’t end here. See the pix and then I shall tell u the prices. There is a blush brush too in this haul. It’s just that in my excitement I forgot it back at work… will show the brush to you girls when i review it. Enjoy the pics:


Colorbar makeup brushes


From l-r: lip brush, angled brush and smudge brush… Check out colors and names!!!



Colorbar Nail Buffer brush



Colorbar foundation sponges


Foundation sponges… I loved the colours and the name.

Now comes the fun part: I am sure most of you must have thought, with the way Colorbar is pricing their products, these babies have to be exorbitantly priced???Well, NO!

The Colorbar eye brushes and the lip brush cost Rs.250 each  :dance-left-right:

All face brushes in this range (foundation, angled contour and blush brush) cost between 450 – 475

The foundation sponges are priced at Rs.350 for 8 sponges

So all I can say is that the makeup Gods have been smiling down at us. And fulfilled our wish of Colorbar coming out with some reasonably priced products!


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By the way the blush brush has pink bristles!!!! :-P:-P


  1. Happy valentines day everyone! Pree the eye brushes are good!! U will like these that price range they r very good! I cant say the same abt the blush brush though ! Will review it very soon but wht i can say is that is nt very good!


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