Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick 25 Two For Tango Review & Swatches


Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick 25 Two For Tango


Hi everybody,

My interest zone keeps switching between mattes and creamy lipsticks quite quickly. On some occasions I only think of my dry lips which love the feel of creamy luscious lippies, on other occasions I just want my lipstick to stay without me having to bother about it much, so I choose mattes. Today, I bring to you a lipstick which falls in both categories somehow. It is creamy on application but stays on like a matte one.


colorbar matte touch lipstick two for tango


Price: INR 475.You may get it here.

About Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Two For Tango:

It features the glamorous properties of a matte lipstick with velvety finish which will make you fall in love. This amazing lipstick has intense color that is creamy, soft and glides smoothly on application simply moisturising and incredibly wearable yet absolutely matte.

Applications: Line the lips with a suitable lip liner. Press the bullet to the lips using even pressure to apply color on both upper and lower lips: To refresh and even out, press lips together. Using a lip brush gives a richer and more precise color application.


colorbar matte touch two for tango


My experience with Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Two For Tango:

They come in a shiny metallic silver casing and have a very pointed beak like bullet shape which is designed for precise lining of the lips but it broke off very quickly in mine. I find this packaging to be very regular and typical of colorbar.

Oranges being so much in vogue lately, the shade I picked up is a hot burnt orange. Unlike the typical tangerine oranges, this shade is not so tricky to wear and will suit almost all Indian skin tones. This is a close dupe of Mac so chaud and without a doubt looks quite flattering and lively in summer season. If you apply this, you do not need anything else in the makeup to pop your face up; this alone speaks for itself.


colorbar two for tango matte touch lipstick


The texture as I said before is very smooth on application and not very dry as with most matte lipsticks. It sets to a semi matte finish and you do not have to bother about the staying power of this lipstick. Even when you have meals or drink something, the lipstick fades a bit from the centre of the lips but does not get removed completely. It does not tend to bleed even after 2-3 swipes and is nowhere sticky.

The staying power for this one is quite long, it remains as it is for around 2 hours, gets a bit lightened with meals or drinks but still stays for around 2-3 hours more.

It has a very mild sweet smell which does not bother me though.


colorbar matte touch two for tango swatch


Overall, this one is a comfortable matte I would say. It is not super dry and yet stays on quite long like typical mattes. You must try this range. Loreal moist matte range is also somewhat similar to this range from colorbar. This one comes at INR500 and loreal ones are for INR 899; not that makeup lovers pay heed to the price tags but just saying you know.


colorbar two for tango lipswatch


Why I like about Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Two For Tango:

  • Pretty hot burnt orange shade which is quite close to some high end orange lipsticks.
  • Smooth texture with semi matte finish.
  • Lasts for quite long; longevity increases when applied with a brush.
  • Gives opaque coverage in one swipe.
  • Lifts up the face; flattering shade.

Why I do not like about Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Two For Tango:

  • Though it has mild odour, I still prefer completely odourless lippies.
  • These are quite similar to colorbar’s crème touch range except for the finish, so technically the price should not have been raised.

Rating: I would give these lipsticks a 4.5/5

Until next time take care!

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  1. Orange is my fav color for a really fun n summery look.. 🙂 Sahiba dis looks gorgeous on ur lips n I luv d color as well.. Normally people go for reddish orange.. But I love dis hot orange.. Awesome pick 😉


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