Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal Black Rose Photos & Swatch


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Colorbar is a very famous cosmetic brand in India and they are always ahead in manufacturing great and affordable makeup products. This time when I went to the Colorbar store to purchase some products, I landed up purchasing this cute makeup product for the eye. I am always obsessed with kajal and the more the merrier is the tagline for me in this sector. And so today, I am up with the review of this Colorbar kajal. Scroll down!

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal

What the company claims:

“Our kajal has been formulated with unique and patented ingredients to give maximum care and the best of experience. This is due to Hyaluronic Acid, Vit C, Vit E, Vit B3, sunflower oil and its unique protective system called Defensil which has originated from the stems of vegetable extracts. The combination of other ingredients stimulates cell turnover, restores vitality and makes the skin fresh.
Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically approved. Kajal can be used on the waterline. Suitable for contact lens wearer.

  • Lasts for up to 10 hrs
  • Blackest of Black Color
  • Waterproof, Smudge-proof & Non-transfer
  • Unique Defensil System: Reduces Inflammation and Irritation
  • Gives vitalizing, moisturising and energising effect”

How to apply it:

  • Gently pull down the skin beneath your lower eyelid. Until you can see the waterline.
  • Run the kajal over the waterline once for a traditional look, or retrace the area once or twice to create a bolder, more dramatic appearance.


  • Draw the line starting from the inner corner of the upper eyelid along the lash line. Continue it to the outer corner, making it slightly thicker as you draw.

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal black


299 INR


0.35 gms


Very pigmented


Very smooth and glides one easily.

Colorbar Mesmeryes Kajal


The Colorbar MesmerEyes Kajal comes in a cardboard packaging that is black in colour. The kajal is twisted in form and even the pencil is black in colour. The packaging is really simple and all the necessary information is mentioned on the packaging. Even a detailed claim list is mentioned which proves right in every case. The packaging for me is really decent and serves the purpose.

 Colorbar Mesmereyes kajal black rose

What do I feel about the kajal:

The product packed with great pigmentation and has very smooth texture. The product is smudge-proof and waterproof that is a good thing to wear for everyday use. It stays on for the whole day and is perfect to use for the water line. Also it contains numerous vitamins and oils that soothe the skin and goes well with sensitive eyes too. It can be worn by contact lens wearers. Overall, I find the kajal very appealing.

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal Black rose swatch

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