Colorbar Nail Lacquer Turquoise 88 Review & Swatches


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88

Hello Beauties,

It feels great to review something after so long. I have been pretty tied up with work but from now on, I will keep you witnesses of all the products I am using currently :-).

I indulged in Colorbar products a month back which I showed you already. In case you missed, you can see them here. I am goinG to start reviewing my haul with ColorBar Nail Lacquer Turquoise 88 since I got it as a freebie :-).


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 Review+nail polishes


About Colorbar Nail Lacquer Turquoie 88 :-

 The Exclusive Nail Polish is unique formulation combines intense color with incredible shine to create perfection and impeccable hold. Its rich color and high sheen formula strengthens nails and keeps them moisturized. The nail polish gives excellent glossy color payoff. Its toluene and DBP free and does not yellow out nails. It makes your hands look neat and salon perfect!

  • Price – Rs 175
  • Quantity – 9 ml


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 review shade+nail supply


My experience with ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88:

ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 is a vibrant turquise color with a perfect balance of blue and green.

Its consistency is between thin-medium and 2 coats give opaque coverage. I did 3 coats to get the exact turquoise color.

The brush is of good quality – sturdy and stable in application.


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 review brush+nail polish sets


I love the finish , its glossy and gives a sheen to the nails. This is one of the prettiest shades I own. It lasts 4 days easily. The bottle has a cute square shape. I somehow don’t like round bottles, they are so predictable :-P. The nail paint comes off easily with remover, it’s a relief to lazy people like me !


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 review nails+nail products


What I like about ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88:

  • Pretty turquoise shade
  • Glossy finish
  • Good staying power
  • Nice brush
  • Cute packaging
  • Toluene and DBP free
  • More than 80 shades to choose from the range

What I don’t like about ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88:

  • Expensive as compared to Colorma or popups but I found it worth
  • Second and third coat takes time to dry
  • I am not sure about its’ moisturising claims

Rating: 5/5

Will I recommend?: If you like blues and greens, try this for sure !

By the way Ladies, I need your suggestions please 🙂 .I am always confused how to shape my nails. Usually I keep them round but I did try square shape also.

Which one do you looks better ; short and square(left) OR long and round( right ) ?


ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88 review nail swatch+best nail polish


Keep pouring your views !

Will be back with another review very soon, till then , keep waiting :-D.

Have you tried ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive Turquoise 88?


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  1. Wow! What an amazing color :O I wanted a blue , getting this bas !

    Loving how it looks on your hands !Square looks better I think:)

    And you didn’t reply only on watsapp?

    • Yaar i cannot message you, only can send invite. You try na. I will troubleshoot tomorrow else m getting BB service

    • Karishma, thankoo babes . i also think square is better. Natural length of my nails is not much, so i need to grow them really long which I am always afraid would break in gymn .

        • Anythin is possible in the gym..I once broke a nail in gym while adjusting the weights..n wo Atleast theek hai..ek Baar to I just tripped on the floor in the changing room and broke a toe nail 🙁

        • Babes, i can hurt myself virtually with air too :D. While dealing with weights, i have broken my nails a lot of times !

  2. What a lovely shade of turquoise! I love square-tip nails but frankly both square n rounded look flaterring on ur hands Tarun 🙂 N i love that cuff :heart:

  3. nice blue…. I like blue… but don;t have asingle nail polish in blue… an me thinkng ur left hand is looking mor ebetter…the squar etype one.

  4. Such a pretty blue Tarun , looking great on ur hands. n me too feel that square looks great.
    i dont have any turquoise nail polish, need one

  5. She is so lucky no , niche mein shop woh vi discountwala!

    Waise mere ofc ke niche hota toh main roj hi kuch na kuch leti 😉


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