Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush Review: MAC187 Dupe?


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Hey everyone,

I was looking for a good stippling brush for liquid foundation and was reluctant to pay 2500 for MAC 187 brush as I already have the 188 brush. The only problem with 188 is that it takes way too long to apply foundation all over the face since its small and I primarily use it for highlighting and for applying the crazily pigmented blushes that I have.


Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush Review+cosmetic brush


Anyway, I happened to stop by the colorbar store (perils of having it next to office!!!) and saw this brush. It looked strikingly similar to the 187 brush and I thought about giving it a try as we all know colorbar does try to shamelessly copy MAC in terms of naming their products and now maybe even in the kind of brushes that they offer. So how similar is this to 187 or 188 lets see!

Price: Rs.1000

My experience with Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush:

The brush, as you see looks a lot like the 187 brush from MAC. However the handle is very long and that may be a problem for some and is also not feasible for travel. It just won’t fit into travel bags… I tried… !

Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush+makeup brush set


Bristle Quality Of Colorbar Duo Fibre Brush 187:-


The bristles are extremely soft and feel so good on the face. The black bristles of the brush are shorter than the white bristles. The bristles are very dense, so I would not recommend dipping the brush into the foundation as it will soak a lot of product and will lead to wastage.


Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush Review bristles+cosmetic brush sets


Application:Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush :-


Like i said earlier, it’s not advisable to dip the brush into the foundation. What I usually do is dot the foundation on the face and then blend it all over with the brush .This distributes the product evenly and gives an airbrushed finish.

Honestly, I love to use this brush for applying my insanely pigmented bright blushes and for a wash of highlighter all over my face for a dewy look. I use it more for this purpose than for foundation application.


Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush+MAC 187 Dupe+makeup brushes


The handle of this brush is extremely long and thick, which may be a problem for some. If you are the clumsy kind you might just poke someone with it… I did that to my hubby when we were fighting for mirror space on a rushed morning heheh.

Washing, shedding and drying:

I have washed this brush three times till now and have not experienced any bleeding and shedding of bristles. Because it is so dense, it takes about 5-6 hours for it to dry completely. The white portion of the brush can look dirty after a few uses. However, unlike the MAC white brushes, this brush doesn’t stay white even after washing and some staining is seen, but it’s a minor con at this price for a MAC dupe.

Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush caomparison with MAC 187+cosmetic brushes

 top: MAC 188; bottom:Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre

 Availability: As of now, it is available only at colorbar exclusive stores.


What I like about Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush:-


  • Good dupe of MAC 187 brush
  • Very soft bristles
  • Multipurpose: can be used for applying foundation, blush or for highlighter
  • No shedding of bristles


What I don’t like about Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush:-


  • Brush handle is too long and thick
  • The bristles don’t retain their white color after a few washes
  • Available only at colorbar exclusive stores as of now.


My rating: 4.8/5


Have you tried Colorbar Pro Duo Fibre Brush?

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  1. Been hearing a lot bout Colorbar brushes for a while now but i’ve never come across a counter that sells them :-/. Gr8 review Shwe :yes: But what’s with colorbar n their insane price tags?? 😯 Sigma brushes are cheaper than this!

  2. Looks really good! I am planning to get a brush like this from vega professional range, if i like that may go for high end brands

  3. I am using my CS stippling brush for airbursh foundie application.
    However its not that dense so I was looking for an alternative.. but the BND Brush is quite cheaper than this n works equally good.. its for Rs. 690 only… :yes:
    Nice review.. Shweta :-))


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