Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003 Review & Swatches


Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003


Hey Beauties, you won’t believe it but wiseshe is overtaking other things in my mind, am writing this as my first task in the morning. Well today’s review is about the Pro eye shadow quad by colorbar in SPLENDID TOUCH, I guess these eye shadows were launched in the month of august or October last year. I am not really very happy with this purchase of mine, read on to know WHY???


Colorbar Splendid touch Pro Eye Shadow pallete


Company’s Claims: Colorbar PRO EYESHADOW QUAD, this collection of soft shadows offers countless looks for days and night. Four lid enhancing shades, plus dual-ended brushes are sure to create an array of enchanting eye looks. Fresh, natural and youthful, this palette enhances with pretty pink, lifted yellow, glowing coral, electric blue, springy green, warm golden and Luke mauves.


  • Use deepest color in the crease to contour & along lash line to define.
  • Use middle shade on the lid.
  • Use lightest shade on the brow bone to add more dimension.

Price: Rs.750 for 5 gm

Shelf Life: 3 years

Shades Offered: Company offers four such palettes namely: Studio Secret, Expert Sight, Splendid Touch, and Impeccable Act.

My experience with Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003 :

Packaging: This quad palette comes in a shiny black coloured plastic case with an outer colorbar signature packaging, i.e. in a metallic silver colored carton box with the ingredients list and other details mentioned. It has all the four colors sleekly encased on a silver colored metallic plate which is sticked to the black case. The case is not bulky and has a small mirror. The case comes with a click lock, thus making it travel friendly.


Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch


Applicator: This palette comes with two dual-ended mini brushes. The brushes have 3 spongy applicators and one bristle applicator. Usually the application brushes that come with eye shadows are useless but this time these brushes succeed in serving the purpose of blending, highlighting, lining and picks up a decent amount of product. I am quite happy with the applicators, though they are not exceptionally good but they are not bad either.

Texture: The texture of these is soft to apply; they are not chalky but are minutely powdery. The golden beige color is very soft and prone to crumbling.


Colorbar Splendid touch Pro Eye Shadow


Pigmentation: Here comes the worst part. The colors are not densely pigmented; I would really like my eye shadows to have some heavy color pay off. These eye shadows have some very micro golden shimmers. Though I am not a fan of shimmers but since the micro shimmers don’t appear to be chunky they don’t bother me much, infact they add up some sheen to these colors which is really required with this product.

My take on this product: This palette consists of a fern green, atomic tangerine, brownish bronze with some reddish undertones and a golden beige color. Though the pigmentation of these colors is buildable but only fern green and bronze color can be built up with 3-4 swipes, the orange shade requires an ample amount of efforts for the color to show up, the beige color is apt for highlighting purpose. I end up scratching my palette in order to get myself some color. There is nothing wrong with the applicators, I have tried these applicators for other eye shadows and they do a decent job there. The golden micro shimmers in these add a nice sheen to these colors and does not make anything look OTT.


Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Splendid Touch swatch


Now getting towards the blending part, for any eye look we need to do some blending as you all must know. But with these a little blending and all the color shall be gone and only shimmers will be left and that too is not much evident until a very close look is taken. The colors do not have fall outs except a little fallout in beige color.

It does not have a great staying power. With primer and concealor it would stay for some 4-5 hours on my not so oily lids. When am saying it stays, I mean the shimmer of the eye shadows not the color. The color hardly manages to show up.


Colorbar Splendid touch Pro Eye Shadow eyelook

Colorbar Splendid touch Pro Eye Shadow EOTD


What I like about Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003:

  • The dual ended brushes.
  • Sleek packaging.
  • Long shelf life.
  • The golden shimmers don’t look OTT.
  • Soft texture.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003:

  • Poor pigmentation.
  • Even a lot of efforts fail to give the desired color pay off.
  • Heavily priced in comparison to quality.
  • Shimmers may be bothersome for few.
  • Loaded with chemicals. Contains parabens too.
  • The golden beige color has fallouts.
  • Blending these colors will vanish the color leaving behind shimmers.
  • Staying power is not good.
  • Only shimmers are visible. Colorbar should have sold them as a shimmer box rather than quad eye shadows.

RATING: 0.5/5
0.5 for providing not so bad applicators with the eye shadows.

Will I Recommend: Hell no, this is utter wastage of time and money… not know about the other variants of this range… I would never want to look at them… This product may be useful for my neighbour’s daughter to play with; I’ll give it to her.

Have you tried Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad Splendid Touch 003 ?

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  1. I can so understand ur frustration Ritika.. Some colors look so pretty in d pan but just don’t show up on d lid :-\ Will stay from dis palette.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Seriously Himani I almost cried wen i used it… am such a loyal customer of colorbar & i never imagined that they wud ever make such a dud 🙁

  2. Oh my gosh, thank god I did not pick it up last week, I really liked the shades it had but looking as the cons I need to stay away, thanks so much for reviewing it u saved us :))

    • the color showed up on my hand coz i swtached them really hard with a lots of pating motion… but on eyes it does not stay as these eyeshadows dont stand a chance to blinking and blending 🙂


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