Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick 09 Orange Bliss Review & Swatches


Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick 09 Orange Bliss


Its summer time. The time for ice creams, milkshakes, sunscreens and most importantly display of vibrant colors. People have no more inhibitions to flaunt their bold style. One such style statement which everyone would love to follow is engaging their lips in some energetic shade like orange. I personally love orange lip colors, be it matte or gloss. I have a huge collection of lip colors which is dominated by different shades of oranges. Among all the oranges my favorite is undoubtedly the new “Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick-Orange Bliss“. I was introduced to this product through my colleague. Like she said It is a product worth the purchase.


Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick 09 Orange Bliss


About Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick-Orange Bliss:

Colorbar’s revolutionary new lipstick – Sheer Crème Lust is formulated with a special combination of light oils and groundbreaking polymers that offer soft consistency to enrich your lips with flawless hold and unparalleled luminosity. These range of 12 exciting shades that will add an all new depth, dimension and mirror-like shine to your lips. Ranging from nudes to fashion tones this range offers a silky texture and luxurious finish that makes your lips look fabulous.

The unique range of bold deliciously bold lip colors will make your lips glisten with the wet look of a gloss and comfort and color purity of a lipstick.

Price: Rs.750 for 3.5gms

My take on Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick-Orange Bliss:

It consists of a silver color carton inside which is a silver colored cylindrical plastic lipstick case enclosing the lipstick. The cap closes with a click making it helpful during travel.


Colorbar Orange Bliss Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick


The pigmentation is a bright orange but does not give an opaque finish in just one swipe. It is quiet light if you ask me. 2-3 swipes give you a full coverage of even the most pigmented lips.

There is one issue I have with the color which is the fact that it highlights flakiness in the lips. This would not have been the problem in case of a more strongly pigmented shade. So make sure you exfoliate well before using this particular product.


Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Orange Bliss swatch


It will be best suited for fair to medium skin tones. The texture is very smooth and glides effortlessly over the lips. It gives a moist, almost glossy look to the lips making it perfect for evening wear. It feels very light on the lips also keeping it moisturized all the way.

It lasts not more than 2-3 hours which is such a shame as it could have been such a great product if not for this issue.


Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Orange Bliss Lipswatch


What I like about Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick-Orange Bliss:

  • Very pretty shade.
  • A wide range of other shades to choose from.
  • Keeps the lips moist and glossy.
  • Does not settle between lines.
  • Very smooth texture.

What I don’t like about Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Orange Bliss:

  • The price.
  • Causes flakiness in certain cases.
  • Lasting power is very poor.

Overall rating: 4/5

Final verdict: This is great effort for a glossy lipstick by Colorbar. But the fact that you cannot keep it long enough to flaunt it is a shame. But great product other than that. For those who do not mind re application once in a while. This is the perfect product.

Have you tried Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Orange Bliss?

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