Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink Review & Swatches


Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink Review & Swatches – Hi everybody, So after Maybelline lip polishes, my eyes fell on colorbar sheer crème lust lipstick range which is the new launch from this brand. I have always loved colorbar but after the whole ‘chromium and other metals’ news I was a bit sceptical before making this purchase. However, this range claims to be paraben and lanolin free which made me try colorbar yet again. They have some really beautiful shades in this range and I picked up classy pink.


Colorbar Sheer Creme Classy Pink


Price: INR 750.

About Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick:


Colorbar Creme Lust Lipstick Classy Pink




Colorbar Classy Pink Sheer Creme


My experience with Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink:

They come in a shinymetallic silver casing and these are flat tip lipsticks. The concept and making is very much identical to Mac sheen supreme range where these come at almost half the price.

The shade I picked up is hot pink kinds and I wanted to have such a shade in glossy texture from a long time. There were some more pinks in this range too and one was ‘identical twin’ of bare dare pink from their ‘pick me as I am’ range. This one is a bright and pretty hot pink shade (refer to the hand swatch which is more close to reality) and will look really flattering on fair to medium skin tones.


Colorbar Lipstick Classy Pink


The texture of Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink is not balmy, I would say it is smooth and gives color and shine both. This particular shade gives opaque coverage in a single swipe while still having that glossy shine and I seem to like this kind of texture a lot. This one despite being a glossy lipstick, stains the lips (in a good way) a bit. So even when you have meals or drink something, the lipstick fades a bit from the centre of the lips but does not get removed completely. It does not tend to bleed even after 2-3 swipes and is nowhere sticky.

The staying power for this one is quite long, it remains as it is for 2-3 hours, gets a bit lightened with meals or drinks but still stays for around 3 hours more. I do not know if this is the case with other shades as well or may be just this one as it is a bright shade.


Colorbar Classy Pink Sheer Creme LIpstick


I particularly checked whether it had any odour or not since I never liked the way ‘take me as I am’ range smells. Thankfully, it is completely odourless.

Overall, if I talk about these new colorbar lippies keeping only this shade in mind, I like them quite a lot since they give me opaque color + glossy shine+ good staying power all in one which is rarely a combo. The name calls it a sheer lipstick, but this one is not sheer at all- just glossy. I am really digging this one. If you want sheer lipsticks try some other shades from this range or go for loreal rouge caresse range instead but if you like color+ glossy shine in a pretty bright pink shade, grab this one soon.


Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Classy Pink


What I like about Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink:

  • Nice packaging, flat end bullet.
  • Pretty hot pink shade.
  • Smooth texture with mirror like glossy shine.
  • Stains the lips and lasts for long despite being a crème lipstick
  • Gives opaque coverage in one swipe.
  • Lifts up the face; flattering shade.
  • Paraben and lanolin free.

What I do not like about Colorbar Sheer Crème Lust Lipstick Classy Pink:

  • Pricing could have been better.


Colorbar Classy Pink Swatch


Overall, I would give these lipsticks a 5/5 considering only this shade; can’t say if the staying power would be as good in other shades or not. If you do not mind the price try this one out soon.

Until next time take care!


  1. oh this is such a beautiful shade Sahiba..more than the hand swatch I like it on your lips…stunningly gorgeous ..!! :-* :-*


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