Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey Review, Swatches & FOTD



Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey

After a loooong time there have been some new good makeup launches out there! Believe me after a long shopping ban getting to see some new stuff is like ‘sone pe suhaaga’ and I couldn’t control myself after seeing the new Colorbar Just Smoky liners. I picked up Just Grey and Just Green and today will be reviewing my fav of the two..
Colorbar Smoky Kajal Just Grey

About Colorbar Smoky Kajal:

Just Smoky Kajal gets you glam ready in just 50 seconds. This long-lasting, multi-tasking eye pencil gives you 3-in-1 benefits of an Eyeliner, Kajal and an Eye Shadow. It helps you to achieve the mysterious smoky-eyed look which will last for up to 12 hours. It comes with a built-in smudger that is as soft as a cushion which can be used to demystify the art of smoky eyes. The intense color and matte texture of the pencil adds definition and drama to your eyes. It has waterproof property and does not transfer.
Price: INR650.You can buy it here

My experience with Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey

Packaging: This eyeliner comes in the form of a dual sided pencil; one side houses the eyeliner and the other side, the smudger. It has to be sharpened though which is kinda irritating and causes a fair bit of wastage.
Colorbar Just Grey Smoky Kajal
Color: Its a true smokey grey shade with a hint of blue to it. It is also completely.matte without any sheen or shimmer to it.
Pigmentation & Texture: In 1 word…crazy! Thr pencil is sooo soft and incredibly pigmented. Just 1 swipe is enough for the deep grey to show up. It sets very quickly though sonone has to be really fast with the smudger if you desire to use it.
Colorbar Just Grey Smoky Kajal swatch
Staying power: Colorbar claims it stays on for 12hrs..I can bet it’ll stay for even longer! The damn thing doesn’t budge at all…even removal is a pain. As you can see from the picture, even after repeated rubbing, the swatch refused to be removed. A bi-phase remover is a must if you own these pencils.
Colorbar Just Grey Smoky Kajal staying
I like this alot. I admit one has to be fast to use the smudgee but after 1 or 2 uses one easily gets the hang of it. The first time i used this, I applied the liner on both lids and tried to smudge..Big Mistake!! By the time I capped the pencil and uncapped the smudger the kajal on bothe sides had set and smudging them made the liner go all flaky on me.
The 2nd time I tried to use this as an eyeshadow. Epic fail since it set 2secs into the smudging process leaving me with patchy looking lids.
Colorbar Just Grey Smoky Kajal eotd
So finally I have realized that this is best used as a liner only. With respect to the smudging, it has to be done quick and one eye at a time. Only then will the beauty of this product be seen and seem worth.
Colorbar Smoky Kajal Just Grey FOTD

What I like about Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey:

1. Sets quick so no long waiting time
2. Perfect even for oily lidded gals
3. Comes with a functional smudger
4. Love this shade of looks amazing instead of looking like I just got punched.
5. Worth the price
5. Perfect if you want a grey liner for daily wear.
6. Staying power is longer than any liner I’ve had.
7. Worth every penny.

What I dont like about Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey:

1. Needs to be sharpened.
2. Removal process is a pain
3. It sets fast which is a minus if you’re a bit slow with application or are thinking of using thia as an eyeshadow.
Rating: 4.5/5 (the -.5 is only.for the horrid removal process involved)
Finally, I’d say this is a perfect purchase for those of you who want a no nonsense eyeliner and are able to do the smudging bit fast. It may take 2 t 3 tries to get the hang of it but its definitely worth the effort.

Have you tried Colorbar Smoky Kajal in Just Grey ?

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  1. thats a nicve grey you found Zee. Lol..that pic…camera ko thoda aur door rakhti ….I really like my Lakme ka grey pencil..and wahi khatam nahi hora hai abhi tak !


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