Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes Review


Hi everyone,

Colorbar has come out with a range of beauty accessories which include makeup brushes, toe separators, eyelash curlers, nail buffers etc. What makes this collection stand out is that the accessories are all in pink or coral or red! And contrary to what colorbar has been charging for their makeup, these are affordably priced too. I bought the blush brush, the smudger brush, angled eye brush and a nail buffer. Today I will review the smudger brush as this is the one I have been using the most and I think its a good alternative (notice I am not saying dupe) to the MAC 219.

Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes Review+cosmetic brushes

  • Price: Rs.250.

About Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes:-

 Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes Review How to use and cleanse+cosmetic brush sets

What do I feel about Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes:-

I really do think that the makeup gods heard us all! This a reasonably priced good pencil brush .I detest the rubber tipped smudger brushes and am always on the lookout for brushes instead of a rubber tip attached to wand and passed off as a makeup brush.

Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes Review Brush Close up View+make up brushes

The brush is housed in a resalable plastic pouch which is very thoughtful. Not even MAC has that. The pouch is somewhat like the zip lock bags that we are all familiar with.

What attracted me to the brush were the reddish orange bristles. Now at this price, i thought will probably have orange streaks along my lash line as I was convinced that the color would bleed! But it did not. I have washed it everyday since i got it and I am yet to see and shedding of bristles or color bleeding. So full marks in that aspect.

Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes Review Bristles+make up brushes set

The bristles are densely packed and yet are soft to touch .The bristles are firm but not harsh and pick up the right amount of color to give you a sultry look without making you look like a panda(although i think panda’s are cute).The brushes are synthetic and when washed they don’t look stained and dry very easily.

The length of the brush makes it apt for travel and also as it is a cost effective brush, you can buy multiple pieces and use for smudging, inner duct work or outer corner detailing.

Now I know what you all are thinking? That is it a dupe for the MAC 219? No it is not, simply because MAC 219 has natural bristles and this one has synthetic. Also the bristles of the MAC 219 are longer than the Colorbar brush. The function and performance of both the brushes is almost same and no other Indian brand offers a pencil brush, so in my mind this brush is a must have for those who are beginners or for experts who want multiple pencil brushes without going bankrupt! Here is a pic of the MAC 219 and the Colorbar smudger brush side by side.

Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes Review Comparison with MAC 219 Pencil Brush+makeup brush set

Summing it up!

What I like about Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes:-

  • The brush is reddish orange!!!!
  • Right size and compact so apt for travel
  • Reasonable
  • The bright color of the brush does not bleed at all… Not even after washing everyday
  • Brush does not shed on washing
  • A good alternative to MAC 219 pencil brush which is regarded as a must have brush.
  • Can be used of blending eyeshadow into eyeliner, inner corner and outer corner detailing
  • Is available on

What I don’t like about Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin’ Eyes:-

  • None! I adore this brush… its a great find at a reasonable price 🙂

My rating: 5/5

 Have you tried Colorbar Smudger Brush Smokin Eyes?

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  1. What a review to start day with…. You mentioned everything in detaill…. now I also want this brushh…!!!!!
    and it is dirt cheap compared to 219!!!
    For the first time I am happy to see that Colorbar isnt charging a bomb for this beautyyyy!!!!! 🙂

  2. I have vega professinal smudge brush n it is a sponge wala, n I hate it.
    But I loved this one, thnx Shweta , Iam gonna order this :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  3. The colorbar sa just called me!! Mew lippies r in! Like creme touch , this is matte touch .. But i wont chk it today tomm is pay day then il chk

  4. Vega too has a pencil brush… PB – 14 at about 350 bucks. its not easily available everywhere but does the job ok.. except that the handle is so long that you cant get close to the mirror!

  5. Since last 2 days I am writing you but no reply : 😥 😥 😥 😥
    What am i suppose to do.. ?? I been asking abt a shampoo and condi for bit oily scalp but dry damage chemically treated hair, what wll be best ?? :-((


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