Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Review & Swatches


THE SHADE-Yes, I am a foodie. And every lippy color reminds me of one or the other food. Let’s take for instance Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in Very coffee . I think they’ve given it the wrong name !! it should be called Very chocolatte (Chocó +latte). It’s a deep chocolate color, intense and very pigmented. I wouldn’t call it coffee because then i would be betraying the fragrance it comes in(yummy…!).Now the thought of it is making me hungry all over again. :p

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Review+Colorbar Velvet lipstick very coffee

But it may be difficult wearing it with anything since the color is a bit unconventional. I suggest darker skin tones to avoid this…It makes a fair person fairer.i’m not very sure it will do the same for darker skin tones. And those with pigmented lips should stay away from it L

  • VARIATIONS-They come in 30 shades. All in shades of brown , mauve , magenta and their variations. (so it’s a bummer if you’re into light pinks, fuchsia, tangerine). The only light shades I’ve seen are Bare, over the top and crème.

Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Review+Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick coffee

  • THE  PACKAGE– OMG! It comes in the most elegant package – steel body with a transparent cap. I’m one of those people who buy cosmetics just because it looks pretty or feminine. I know looks can be deceptive but I don’t wanna be caught dead in ugly packaged lippies: p (it’s just another one of those things I dread). Also the transparent bottom shows the lippy shades so its easy to knw which color is what without actually opening it.Its travel friendly as the whole package is pretty sturdy.
  • THE TEXTURE- though it is a matte lippy, it is nothing like how i remember matte to be (not a very pleasant memory. Let’s skip that). This beauty here is extremely smooth and very moisturising, glides on my lips like a skating star on a rink.

Swatch – Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee swatches+Coffe colour lipstick shade colorbar

Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Review +colorbar matte lipstick very coffee swatches

  • STAYING POWERnow now , this is the highlight of the Colorbar velvet matte lipstick I’ve been dying to write about. I wanted to skip all the talks on shades, package and texture and jump right to this one but I’m trying to control myself here. Hehe. Brace yourself, this is gonna send a shock wave through your body and you may never recover, well atleast I haven’t.

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstik Very Coffee  With Flash

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee with flash

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Without Flash

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Very Coffee Review without flash

It has an amazing staying power up to 12-14 hours (inspite of all the eating and drinking I did). And I’m sure it would’ve stayed on longer if I didn’t have to go to sleep 😛 (had to remove it with makeup remover-which i tell you was a tough job).

If you’re a working lady then this lippy is just the right one for you. No need of retouching after every sip of water or meals. Besides there are wide variations of shades to choose from. So go grab one today.

  • PRICE – Rs 225
  • Weight – 4.2 g

Ratings – 3/5 (2 points deducted due to the difficult shade)

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  1. Right now i’m in an orange/peach phase….so this passes over for me..

    I read somewhere that dark shades (read browns and maroons) make you look older..

  2. Lovely sweetie! I find the same thing happens when i wear brown shades..they actually make me luk too pale which is y i avoid them…

    but i agre wid u on the staying power…it really does stay for eons!!!

  3. hey – i don’t understand this ‘settling into the lips’ thing. can anyone help me understand? maybe with some pics? might be a silly question for all you experts here! 😕

    • well, i cant think of a pic on this blog…but some of us have really dry lips…u may notice that when ur lips r chapped or super dry, and u use a lipstick (especially matte ones), they start off by gliding onto ur lips, but after a while, instead of making ur lips luk glossy and neat, it feel slike the color has gotten into each ridge of the lips and ecsentuates the lines or the dryness on the lips….thats wot it means..

  4. Nice LOTD philamazan but browns dont suit me i have a brown lipstick from moisture extreme a i hardly wear it i dont know why i bought it its a total waste


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