Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review


Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion

Hi beauties,

I did a recent Colorbar haul, so this product review is from one of them. I got this lotion for my mom, for using beneath her makeup. It is always a good way to prep your skin with some light moisturizing beneath and then to top with some primer. The lotion is a light face cream to use under your make up and is called Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion.


Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review+skin care brands


About Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion:-


Let us see how it fared:

Price: Rs.850 for 30 ml :-(.It might be available on Purplle soon.

Product description:

  1. Moisturizing lotion by Colorbar
  2. Multi-purpose shine control formula
  3. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and sea belt extracts
  4. Fights against wrinkles and fine lines
  5. Moisturizes the skin


Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review Description+lotion

Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review Ingredients+skincare products


My take on the Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion:

My mom and I went shopping, she wanted me to buy her some good make up products, since she is not really updated as I am now πŸ˜› she feels so, as I keep trying something or the other and bright lipsticks are my new found love. So she felt her vanity needed a revamp. So we headed to the Colorbar store and found to our surprise that there are many things we need. And ended up buying more than we thought of πŸ™‚


Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review Package+skin care


This lotion was suggested by the SA, for using under the makeup. It is a very essential step to prep the skin, without this, you cannot get a flawless look for which you spend fortunes on the concealers, mousses, foundation and powders. Thus, for all make up enthusiasts, a good face lotion is a must.

This Colorbar lotion is just perfect, it is not oily at all and merges with the skin like a dream, the stylish dispenser has to be turned inside out and just press the nozzle to get desired amount of lotion, a pea size amount is enough for the face and a little more is required for the neck. Thus one press of the nozzle is enough to cover the face. I especially love the feeling of this lotion on my skin, after application of the lotion I wait for 2-3 minutes before continuing my makeup.


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Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion Review blended hand Swatch+care skin


My mom has been using it for 2 weeks now. Although there is no reduction in her wrinkles or fine lines, but it still works well for her.

The price is quite high for this 30 ml bottle πŸ™ I think the packaging cost is also included πŸ˜›

I wish Colorbar is reading this πŸ™‚

What I like about the Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion:

  • Easy to blend,
  • Attractive packaging,
  • Easy to carry,
  • Available at Colorbar outlets,
  • Good to use under makeup,
  • Does not melt off and is not oily,
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin, Dry skin may skip it and get something else,

What I donÒ€ℒt like about the Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion:

  • Price is very high for a 30 ml bottle,
  • Does not live up to the promise of reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Wise she rating: 3/5  (less rating for the pricey tag)

Have you tried Colorbar Visibly Better Moisturising Lotion ?



  1. Nice review vrinda πŸ™‚ I spotted the skincare range of colorbar in H&G recently and was shocked at their prices, nothing below 850 πŸ˜› Whats wrong with colorbar these days? :-/

  2. Looks super good Vrinda! :yes: But what’s with all these brands n ridiculous price tags?? ?:-) I saw a colorbar compact for more than 900 bucks 😯 Mac seems cheap now πŸ˜›

  3. For Me, Makeup Hike Matters More Than Onions Hike (i anyways hate them :-/ ) .. This Too Should Be Highlighted in News..After All, Makeup Is a Serious Business Now in India!

    I Really Feel Bad That Good Makeup Purchase is Now Hard For So Many Income Limited Individuals, I Don’t Even Find It Funny

    My Mom Has Been Using “L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum” From Past 5 Months and The Results Are Wow! Her Face Glows n Stays Hydrated Everytime! πŸ™‚

  4. Colorbar has come up with interesting products and interesting price tags πŸ˜›

    Nice to know about this lotion.. Nice review Vrinda πŸ™‚

  5. Nice review Vrinda!!
    even though price is on higher side, its quite nice to know that the product is paraben free.
    somehow i am happy with my alphamoist..

  6. this lotion breaks me out never had such experience before
    Since years I didnt got that but after using this one there are so many whiteheads on my cheeks.
    So expensive
    I will switch back to Lotus


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