Colored Contact Lenses Emerald – Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural look Review


Since the time I have seen Oops akka Upasana using contact lenses I was thinking of ordering them but was not sure about the shade of the lenses so always delayed the issue.While making my purchases on Healthkart (Read experience with here) I came across Baush & Lomb optima natural look lenses and immediately thought of picking them up.

Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural look emerald

There were many shades lenses available which were as follows

Blue Topaz,
Green Ocean,
Green Amazon,
Light Green,
Dark Green,
Green Turquoise,
Dark Hazel,
Violet Amethyst,

To get a better idea of the shade I did Google search but there was not much of help available especially for Indian skin tone and with some thought I purchased Emarald shade lenses.

Natural color contact lenses emarald

This is what Bausch & Lomb has to say about these lenses

Natural Look colours are the latest in coloured contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb, these quarterly coloured soft contact lenses come in seven fabulous colours that speak more than words.

 Features & Benefits


  • High water content and oxygen permeability for added comfort.
  • Made of the finest polymer for an ultra-thin design and ease of handling.
  • Keeps your eyes fresh, cool and comfortable all through the day.

Who Should Wear Soflens Star Colours Lenses


Bausch & Lomb Optima Natural look lenses emerald



  • Great for people who need vision correction – or those who have 20/20 vision.
  • People who like to change up their personal style.
  • People who like to turn heads.
  • People who want a change from their regular contact lenses and have some fun with colour.
  • People who want to see 20/20 or better with a beautiful, comfortable colour contact lens.
  • People who already see 20/20 and just want to change their look – a great excuse for a new outfit, makeup and accessories!

Wear Schedule


  • Can be worn comfortably for 12 hours on a daily wear basis.
  • Each pair can be used upto 90 times.
My experience with the colorcontact lenses  Emarald ( Bausch & Lomb)
I have dark black brown eyes and when I wore them I initially felt weired and very different but slowly I started liking them .Color lenses just completely changes one personality and look but and  it’s lot of fun.
This lens has dark green outer ring and lighter emerald shade inner ring.These lenses are soft and I had no difficult in wearing them.I have worn them for maximum of seven hours and didn’t suffer from irritation , itching or burning sensation .This can be because I wear lenses in my normal life too if some body is a beginner with lenses then there will be some initial inhibitions .

 Shade Emerald looks natural but I believe it will look much better on those who have fairer skin than mine .That’s my personnel  point of view on this because a week back  I met a reputed company S.A  who was wearing similar shade which  was really looking pretty.I asked her how she feels about her colored lenses and she told me about her initial inhibitions and how she loves wearing them now.

  • Price – They cost Rs 1190 and I got them of Rs 895

I tried some Mettalic grey makeup with these lenses on 🙂
Emeral color contact lenses 


Emeral colored contact lenses


Cons:-  If you use lenses then you must be knowing about DIA and BC which is  not of common number then you might not able to get from Healthkart.My BC is 9 which was not ab option there so I chose 8.5 only which fortunately worked .


Will I recommend it to others – Do lot of research on the shades and try finding a shade which will go well with your skin tone.It’s fun wearing contact lenses and makes you get lot of attention 🙂
And after using these I now know that Deepika Padukone, Celina Jaitley and I guess even Aishwarya too wear color contact lenses which makes her look captivating.

Have you tried colored contact lenses?

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  1. wow. ur eyes look gorgeous. i want to try them too, i wear specs in my daily life but want to switch over to contacts. which lenses due to u use in ur daily life. plz mention the brand and type of lenses. thanks

  2. Wow… this makes your eyes pop out Ana 🙂 🙂 I love the shade and i think (at least from the pic) it looks woweee on you! And eye make up as always is flawless :beauty: :lashes: :lashes:
    Btw are you wearing eye shadow on your waterline? ?:-) :-/

  3. LOve LOveLove Love Ana :kissing: :makeup: :hugright: :kissing:
    Jumbo Pencil on the waterline :O :O Doesnt it sting??? And smudge?? :pain: 😯 :-/

  4. Ur eyes r looking wow makeup perfect n the colored lenses amazing.I also wear specs never tried lenses before but this makes it tempting for me to try out lenses

  5. Those two eye pics look straight outta fashion magazine…stunning is all I can say!! :inlove:Please do loads of more eye looks wit this!

    what is BC and DIA?

  6. I love to wear contact lens but i dread putting it.Thanks to hubby dear, who makes a big fuss while inserting his lens. 😕
    Btw emerald color lens looks from some ad those eyes look :inlove:

  7. Am good anu, thanks.. hw abt u..
    At once, i could not guess it was you….then i again started from the beginning and noticed it was a post by you….it looks gorgeous on you. A totally different personality

  8. ana the color is super gorgeous babes :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    first lashes and now lenses :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((
    i am BIG ZERO in all this but kudos to you for trying everything new honey :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

  9. I couldnot recognise your eye at all…post a full pic na, i can see it has transformed your lokk, but i want to see the overall effect..please please please…i’m totally awed by it…

  10. Wow, they look great! On your eyes though, they look slighly more blue than green. But still, they are absolutely stunning! Love the makeup, too.


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