Coloressence Eye pencil in Dark Green: Review, Swatches


Hi beauties,

Today I will be reviewing an eye pencil from the brand Coloressence, and so far you all must be aware of how much I :heart: using eye products, especially eye pencils.. not because I use it as eyeliners, but I :heart: using them as a base for all of my eye makeup. In fact I don’t look out for a specific eye liner to use as a base, instead I use any of my existing eye pencils to do my work 😉 nevertheless eye pencils are something that I love using them, because they serve me much more than just lining my eyes :yes:

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Coloressence Eye pencil in Dark Green review+ coloressence

Claims :-

With its spectrum of color alternatives, Coloressence Premium Shades Eye Shadow Pencils completes the perfect makeup look.
Line your eyelids or dab on as an eye shadow with a single touch.
The color does not lighten or melt and shines all day long.

  • Price : MRP 150/-
  • Quantity : I don’t know its.. not written on pencil or the websites 😀 .. must be 2gms or so..
  • Shelf life : Not mentioned

Coloressence Eye pencil in Dark Green review+ coloressence eyeliner

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The packing plain boring old fashion kind, which “thankfully” has ingredients mentioned on it. But again of no use cause other such as shelf life and grams etc are missing. Also its not retractable  (I don’t like sharpening pencils.. although as a kid I used to get new sharpeners almost every week lol :rotfl: )

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In fact the packaging is a little clumsy, because most of the time one tends to fit the cap at the back of pencil while applying the pencil, but this one doesn’t fits since its loose, and there are 80% chances of cap going for a vacation 🙄

The shade is “dark green” and it is intense dark green,  with very minute silver-green shimmer particles, that are soo minute that they impart a glossy sheen to it. Note, its not sparkly, but still the color is perfect for day wear. Pigmentation is so good that I’m thinking of buying a similar color in other brand, but why ? Because it lacks staying power.. its soo bad that it start smudging within 5mins of application :no: total dud.. it transfers onto the lid, not water proof, smudges, fades + I also don’t know if its safe to use on waterline. While the pencil is freshly sharpened, gliding it is easy, but just imagine the horror if your sharpener doesn’t sharps it nicely and you .. thinking its done, apply it on…  you will scratch your eyes 🙄

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Coloressence Eye pencil in Dark Green review+ coloressence dark green liner

Apart from adoring the pigmentation and the intense shade, there’s nothing I like about it. It’s a dud, rather than spending money on it I’ll better put 100bucks more and get a Faces pencil :cute: :giggle:

Have you tried this pencil ?? I bet not.. and I wish not 😀

Godbless !! :-*

Have you tried the liners from Coloressence?

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  1. Woww! Lovely olive green n looks biyoootiful on ur eyes upsiii!! :inlove: Love the part bout the cap going for a vacation :rotfl: Too bad it smudges so fast though 🙁

  2. Sana, i was just abt to ask if this will a good dupe for faces ka pencil .. after reading the review .. now definitely not .. i am very happy with faces pencil .. 🙂
    But a nice review .. it looks very nicely pigmented !! but sadness this did not work out. !!

  3. Morning Upsi..i too like eye pencils which give better pigmentation in a single swipe..although the shade is good , i prefer my Faces Forest Grren to this.

  4. I saw the pics first …nd started searching it online 😀
    bt then read the review… and closed al the tabs 😛 lol…

  5. what a lovely shade :inlove: and beautifully pigmented :-* but soo sad about staying power :-(( me wants this shade in some other brand 😀

  6. Lolz Oopsie. Even if the pencil is a dud i quite liked the shade.its so intense and so green. Will hunt for a similar shade in other brand like you. 😉

  7. as u said upsi this shade is fab! but wots d use!! pata hai i think Faces has d same shade…i think its forest green or somethin…will hafta check..


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