Coloressence Face & Body Illuminator Lotion Review


Coloressence Face & Body Illuminator Lotion Review


Hi All,

I bought this more than a year back…yet another impulse buy…and one which I regret dearly…

I was hunting for an illuminating lotion and after scouring so many stores when the SA give this to me, I thought it would be a godsent. But Alas! (with full melodrama) this was not meant to be.

Coloressence face and body illuminator lotion review + face illuminator


Product Claim & Ingredients

This special lotion is blessed with an oil free composition which smoothly evens the skin and gifts you a crystal clear complexion with unmatched illuminating radiance.


Coloressence face and body illuminator lotion review + illuminating makeup


Price: 500 INR


About Coloressence Face & Body Illuminator :




  • Packaging –This illuminator comes in a tube form with a screw top lid which is quite hygienic and travel friendly.


  • Color –The lotion comes in diff shades to match your skin tone but is basically a beige to brown shade.

Coloressence face and body illuminator lotion review +  illuminating cream

  • Texture –It is extremely light and like gel…It spreads easy and gets absorbed in a jiffy without clogging my pores.
  • Fragrance – This has a very Aqua kinda smell which is pleasant.
  • Usage – It’s mean to just be spread onto the skin for that much loved glow.


Coloressence face and body illuminator lotion review + make up illuinator


My Verdict:

This is supposed to be an illuminator..But doesn’t illuminate worth a dime…They should just rename this and call it a Tinted moisturizer or a primer because it’s the only way to use this. The formula as such is quite nice because it’s very light and it doesn’t clog the pores or make me sweaty. It gets absorbed quickly and forms a nice base for make-up but under no circumstances can this be deemed as an illuminator. There’s no illumination, no concealing, no shine, no glow, nothing!!



Coloressence face and body illuminator lotion review + illuminator


Pros of Coloressence Face & Body Illuminator :


  • As an illuminator it does nothing, but it works well as a primer or as a tinted moisturiser.
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Doesn’t make the skin feel greasy and gets absorbed quite easily


Cons of Coloressence Face & Body Illuminator :


  • Absolutely useless for what it was meant to be!



  • Effectiveness: 1/5 (point given for its use as a primer)
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Availability: 3/5



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  1. hehehe illuminator ki fuse gul ho gayiiiii isliye no illumination 😀 😀 atleast u can use as a primer but y do u need illuminator aesich chikni glowy glowy ho 😉

    • awww….cho chweet of u tupsi…lekin so many times i wake up in the morning and i luk so pale n dull…i hate mornings.. 🙂 is time pe i luv using a bronzer or an illuminator to warm up or brighten instantly 🙂 do u use one?

  2. Aww thats too bad, but your hand swatch mei it looks pretty nice and dewy, definite dupe would be the Oriflame ka tinted moisturizer na…only thing is that for this price you could’ve gotten like two of those! 😀

  3. Sorry to hear that , but it’s a good warning for us ..
    I am looking for a face illuminator too , what do you propose me , girls ? I don’t want to spend a lot of money in one and discover later that it’s not for me ..

    • yeps..I thought everyone shud be aware of this coz alot of ppl hav started buying color essence and while their lippies r quite nice some of their other products r total duds….

      Lavinia, if u wana go in for a pocket friendly illuminator which works well, then hands down u shud go for revlon…they have 2 shade variants one is peachy and the other is a pinkier shade…try both and pick the one which suits u best…its a fab fab product…one that ul never regret buying … 🙂

    • i was so puzzled when i used this…in the beginning i thought I am only usingit wrongly since id never used an illuminator b4…but id seen so many videos and the effect these things give and this din’t give any effect whatsoever!! after buying n trying revlon illuminator i truly knew i’d found the cream of the crop 🙂

      • i too have lotion wala, use it in winters only coz in summers it makes me very oily ( my skin is oily na), thinking to try out powder form….only if i get my shade coz i fear powder may give white-ish appearance if it didn’t matched skin color 😕 😕

        • oh..thats true….on oily skin in summers it’ll make u light up like a bulb! powder wud be a gud idea….its actually quite nice too…After seeing mine, my pal went t get it but the SA in the store only had the powder form then… she got that and it works pretty well…but its a bit lighter….like the lotion wala in pink actually makes u look pink na? in the case of the powder form, the pink tint is much lighter…but the subtle glow is there for sure 🙂

  4. When u first said u regretted gettin this, i though it’d probably have chunky shimmer. Dint expect it to have zero illuminatating power :shutmouth:

    • Gmornin Naf….u said it! it really has zero illuminating power and is so worthless for the purpose which i got it for…when i use revlon one, it instantly brightens up my face and gives me that perfect glow after using a tiny amount…and no matter how much of this i use it doesn;t do more than give an oily shine.. 🙁

    • haan…foolish lady! cud have just directed me to revlon na instea dof wasting my time n money…

      btw Gmorning Paro…Its FRIDAAAYYYY!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. illuminator by only name not by work…….. 🙁 …………………… naam se hi gaddari….. …………….. lagta hai company ne galti se naam rakh li 😉 😉

            • well, there r 2 ways to use this…if u wana use this as a highlighter, u jusr tk a small amt on ur hand and use a little bit on the areas of ur face where the liht hits like the top of ur cheeks, middle of the forehead, bride of the nose n all….if u wana use it as an all over illuminator just tk a really tiny bit and apply on ur entire face with hands…not with a brush tho coz then u end up using more..

  6. hehe.. one more product in the market which doesnt serve its purpose! i guess certain brands decide to give their good for nothing product a fancy name to make ppl buy it! 😛 and as usual i have to make use of my fav smiley so here goes.. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: Happy friday!! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:


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