Coloressence Lip Luxury Suffle Palette Review & Swatches


Hello ladies..I am COLORESSENCE LIP LUXURY SUFFLE PALETTE and today you are going to read my autobiography.


I was lying all alone in this angel (jewel…yeh its me :D) decided to pick me up.I was lying there for a long period..girls would browse through me..but..tears.. body wanted me.I was priced at rs 600 and thought I was well worth it…and then.. one fine day I won the heart of this cute little girl jewel(Aham ahammmm) and was shipped to her from On the way to the her house I kept thinking ..did she buy me because she loves me or just because I was on offer for rs400…?Any ways I was happy that finally I am going to see some soft pink lips!I I was well packed and was dark and scarry in the box..but I kept my heart as I was going to see my angel!

On the fourth day from order..I travelled all the way to Chennai and was ready to be dispatched.I heard the calling bell ring and some one open the door..and I was finially home!within seconds my angel opened the box..and I saw this beautiful lady(he he he) stand in front of me with a smile..i was thrilled..she could not wait to try me on her lips.

I am soft and creamy as my name suggests and I consist of 6 colors..all lovely shades.As expected my angel loved my colors and texture..As I come with a brush she didn’t have to go looking for one..thats not her surprise I also had a mirror in me and she was delighted to have can see me here..

 Coloressence-suffle-palette-reviews and swatches

She quickly applied my colors one after one and seemed to be super happy..and I was delighted…she loved all my colors.

I was delivered on a lucky angel had a party to attend that evening and of course yes I got the chance to beautify her lips…I was proud..she applied my shade 1 (from left to right) which matched her saree perfectly..i was happy all the way travelling..and suddenly about 45 mins later I start to fade off and vanish! Before getting out of the car my angel had a look at herself in the mirror and was disappointed to see that I was hardly visible.. though I kept her lip soft and moisturized my color started to fade off and also slightly bleed…she had to touch up atleast 4 times in the 4 hr long party.that night she came back home took me out of her purse and put me into her vanity case..and I kept wondering …she loves me…she loves me not..


  •  I come in beautiful colors
  •  My texture is beautiful
  • I don’t taste of anything
  • I don’t have a strong smell
  •  I moisturize her lip and keep them soft
  •  I am easy to carry ..6 colors on one go

 She might love me because:

  •  I come with a cute brush and also a mirror
  • Though I am a lot more worthy I was bought for INR  400 and hence dint pinch her wallet
  • My colors are metallic

She may not love me because:

  • I am sheer coverage and look thick when tried to build it up
  •  I tend to fade after 45mins-1hr
  • My brush doesnt have a proper place to sleep and has to be kept under the mirror which in turn makes it dirty
  • I don’t come with an ingredients list
  • I make her lips feel sticky sometimes
  • I am not easily available..i am no more available at retailmart.

Now with all these running in my head..i lie quiet in her vanity case….come out only occasionally…singing to my self..acha sila tune diya mere pyar ka..

 Then on a fine day she took me out and started to swatch all my colors on her arm and clicked photos..i was confused..i had no idea what was happening..she took few more photographs of me and I gave it my best shot..

 Though my colors looked a little different on photo(about 10%) from my original colors..i was happy atleast she took me out after a month or so..i was confused until I discovered I was going to be reviewed on I will get to the eyes of thousands of angels and atleast one among them will love me I am waiting..

  •  My over all score:2.8
  • Who will love me: Angels who don’t mind the short staying power,a sheer and who have dry chapped lips.

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  1. lovely shades…… :inlove: :inlove: ………………………….. i actually wanted their 8 coloured lip palette…………………… but no shop could bring that. 🙁 ….

  2. haha!!! the autobiography of a lip palette!!! this is such a fab idea Jee! (or shud I say the soft pink lipped Angel?!?!?! 🙂 🙂 loved it!!!

    m not to fond of metallic finishes and i guess thats y even i saw this but never thought of purchasing…the staying power is sad tho….3-4 touchups in 4hrs is pretty bad i say..

  3. sorry Ana…I haven’t tried Lakme..But long long ago so long ago I had one from Clarins..It had 4 shades and I loved it..but I am unable to Find it anywhere In India

  4. Yes the writing style is like a children story book u could very well be a author like enid blyton .Unique way to review a product. :yes:

  5. Very cute review Jewel 🙂 Love the packaging and shades. The colors look so creamy in the pics…hard to believ they’re metallic

  6. LOL!! loove the review, Jewel! twas so funny and everything was mentioned in Bold, i loved that :))
    the colours look awesome but 45 minutes? are they kidding? :O


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