Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color Passionate Pink Review & Swatches


Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink Review & Swatches

I’ve been very curious about Coloressence products since it’s featured on almost all the online shopping websites. I finally got to try out a few products from this very budget-friendly brand and am here to share my experience with you. First in line, is the Mesmerizing Lip Color. They also have another line called Premia Lip Color which I’ve yet to try. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how this fared!

Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink  Review & Swatches

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About Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink

A unique combination of coriander & basil extract. This lip color nourishes, protects, moisturizes and is hypoallergenic. Voluminizes the lips.

  • Quantity: 4 gms
  • Price: INR 125
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Active ingredients: Almond oil, Vitamin E.

My Experience with Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink

  • Packaging:

I’m really impressed with the packaging of this lipstick. For this price, it has exceeded my expectations. It comes in a black cardboard tube…it’s like a carton but without the two ends. You have to put your finger into one end and slide out the lipstick tube through the other. Pretty unique I must say and plus you can retain the cardboard cover and use it when you’re carrying it in your bag so that you don’t damage the lipstick casing. The lipstick is housed in a matte-black casing with a steel band, below which is a transparent, plastic cube that indicates the color inside. This makes it super easy to locate shades. The packaging is in no way tacky or cheap. In fact, it feels really sturdy and looks super classy :yes:


Coloressence lipstick swatches passionate pink+passionate pink lipstick coloressence

  • Shade Description:

At first glance, Passionate pink looks quite deep and very different from what I’ve seen on the website. But don’t be fooled by the color in the tube. It is a lovely strawberry pink with enough warmth to suit all skin tones. It is a muted pink and can be worn lightly for daily use and is mellow enough to wear to office.  Though it is a warm shade, it does not have any brown undertones. There is a hint of plum that is visible when the color is swiped more than once. When worn on the lips it’s a lovely flattering pink that gives just the right pop of color to my pale lips. A lot of pinks tend to look neon on me but I’m so glad this doesn’t. It’s only when I clicked a close-up shot of the lipstick bullet did I notice the teeny tiny shimmer. I was so surprised to discover it since I’d worn this shade for a week and never noticed it. So the good news is that the shimmer is in no way visible and it gives the lips a healthy sheen :lipstick:

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Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink review & swatches+long staying lipstick

  • Texture & Finish:

If you have normal lips, this lipstick will glide easily and give you even application. But if you have dry lips, I’d suggest you use a lip balm underneath since it is not very moisturizing. It gives a creamy (not glossy) finish and when worn lightly as a lip stain you get a semi-matte finish. Since this tends to lean towards matte finish, it will mildly accentuate fine lines as it fades.

  • Fragrance:

It has a mild floral fragrance that is not at all over-powering. I was expecting this to have a strong flavor (as is the case with most low-priced lippies) but this has a nice sweet scent that is not at all cloying. No awful taste either :yippee:

  • Pigmentation:

The color pay-off is really good and one swipe gives semi-opaque color. Two swipes give full coverage and this shade easily hides any lip pigmentation.

Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink Swatches

  • Staying power:

It lasts for 3 to 4 hours easily. The color does start fading after an hour or so but it leaves behind a nice stain that stays put even through a snack. Unlike the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks, the stain is really easy to remove and there’s no vigorous rubbing required to remove all traces of color.

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Swatches Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color Passionate Pink:-

What I like about Coloressence Lip Color in Passionate Pink:

  • Attractive, sturdy, travel-friendly packaging
  • Color indicator at the bottom makes it easy to locate shades
  • Sweet floral fragrance that is not over-powering
  • No discernible flavor
  • Lovely shade of pink that will suit a wide range of complexions
  • Shimmer is not at all visible, non-gritty and gives a subtle sheen
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Color is easily buildable and will hide lip pigmentation
  • Creamy finish that sets to semi-matte
  • Color does not bleed or settle into fine lines
  • Leaves behind a nice stain even if the color fades so your lips will not be completely bereft of color
  • Lasts for 3 to 4 hours with light snacks in between
  • Easy to remove and does not require a separate cleanser
  • Very reasonably priced
  • No animal ingredients. 100% vegetarian
  • Available in a wide variety of shades (around 25)

What I don’t like about Coloressence Lip Color in Passionate Pink:

  • Complete list of ingredients is not mentioned
  • Those with dry lips will need to use a lip balm underneath
  • Loses its moisturizing ability as time progresses and tends to accentuate fine lines when it dries up
  • Availability may be an issue for those who don’t shop online
passionate pink lipstick Coloressence home shop 18+coloressence lipstick reviews

The last word:Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color Passionate Pink:-


Amazing packaging, great color pay-off, decent staying power and above all the super-reasonable price tag make this lipstick definitely worth a try. If it were more moisturizing I’d have given it full marks. But then again, the problem could be because I have very dry lips. Some websites do mention that this has SPF15. But I couldn’t find it written anywhere on the packaging. Overall, I’d really recommend this and if you love pinks since shade should not be missed :cute:



Have you tried Coloressence Mesmerizing Lip Color in Passionate Pink?


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  1. I have this shade.. Zee gifted me.. its a gorgeous pink… every word is soo true.. nice review.. NAFI! 😉 :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :lipstick: :inlove:

  2. This is a very pretty pink naf. :inlove: Missed the lip swatch. 😀 huuby ko patao n swatch post karo plzzzzzzzzzzzzz :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  3. Oh this is a wonderful lippie and so cheap! I saw some Coloressence products in The Beauty Centre here in Pune! Am gonna get a nice shade! maybe this one only 😀

  4. I picked up a tomato red nailpaint from this brand last month..was too scared to pic i will definitely buy one..its so affordable..thanks for the review nafi..

  5. Such a pretty pink but i have very dry lips and its so very reasonably priced imagine buying a lipstick for 125 bucks m tempted

    • My lips are very dry too Indrani. I just use a lip balm underneath. It also helps to make the lippie just gliiiide onto the lips :lipstick: :-))

    • Thanks Dolon :-). Am new to this brand too but i am really liking it. Nice quality for the price :yes: Few more reviews coming up to help u decide :-))

  6. hey Everyone…I have a big Problem…i love collecting lipsticks eyeliners blush…etc but just cant find the courage to wear them…i have unopened lipsticks and not 1 or 2 but 50 collected over timeand glosses and lip pallettes….i alwys feel what others will think about the will i look etcetc…
    Can somone pleez help me overcome this fear…
    Also i hve a very oily skin that shines…i hve often thought of applying a goof foundation..bought many bt just cant apply fearing wht others will think..Also i have noticed i appear darker after a few hours of applying the foundation…
    Please help me…

    • Hi bidisha! I too am very conscious of wearing loud makeup since i live in a very conservative place. U can always wear natural looking shades and blot with a tissue so it looks like ur natural lip color. U can aslo blend 2 lippies to get the desired shade. As for foundation, investing in a good brush makes a world of difference. You’ll get good coverage but ur makeup will look flawless and natural. Use a primer first to prevent ur makeup from oxidising/ turning darker. A primer will also help control oil and shine. When u look good you’l feel good and confidence will shine through. Then you won’t worry much about what ppl think and enjoy all the attention. Hope these tips help u bidi 🙂 :hug-makeup:

    • Bidisha..starts with applying stains and soon you will find building up the confidence..don miss the time..i so wish i would have started wearing this shades earlier.

  7. thanks a lot anamika and shilpi for your tips…and yeah its been a long time some one has called me bidi… :-))
    Will try getting a primer and lip stains…and let you all know my improvement…btw any suggestions for the same?????

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