Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil-Emerald Green Review & Swatches


Hi All,

I am not a fan of  Coloressence products at all, but while surfing I found this shadow pencil on a onlie site and thought of giving it a try as it was very affordable. I bought this around 6-7 months ago but never tried it much and it was kept in a drawer since then which has ruined its packaging a bit.


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About Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil:-


With its spectrum of color alternatives, Coloressence Eye shadow Pencils complete the perfect makeup look.

Line your eyelids or dab on as an eye shadow with a single touch. The color does not lighten or melt and shine all day long.

  • Price: Rs 165/-
  • Quantity: 2.25 g


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My Experience with Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil-Emerald Green:-


  • Texture: As it is visible and stated, it has a pearly effect, which really comes off nicely. It’s very creamy and glides without tugging on the eye lids. But due to this creamy texture we have to swipe it 2-3 times for the perfect color to show off. In the picture I have swiped the product ones and also 3 times.



  • Packaging: It comes in a black colored tube with a transparent cap and is quiet sturdy, I have mishandled this pencil a lot but still it’s in a good condition though the cover now looks as if it’s many years old. The best thing of it is that it’s a retractable pencil which needs no sharpening and thus leading to no wastage of the product.
  • Staying Power: When I bought it I used it as a shadow on my entire lid and after few minutes when I checked in front of the mirror I was like OHH NO!! It had all smudged and tugged and budged , settled in the fine lines and rest had vanished, I really got pissed off and then threw it in a drawer and never looked on it again till I thought of giving it a second chance by using it as a liner.


coloressence eye shadow pencil review hand swatch+dark eye shadow+eye shadow on


If used as a shadow it settles into fine lines of the lid and disappears within an hour but if applied as a liner with an eye shadow base, it stays for about 2-3 hours without smudging and after that it may fade / smudge depending on the oiliness of the eye lids. As you can see it can be used on the waterline too.

  • Shade: coloressence eye shadow pencil green review+eyeshadows on eyesIt can be said as a very close dupe of Faces long wear eye liner in Dark green, but in a pearly finish. I love this shade.


coloressence eye shadow pencil EOTD+how to apply eyeshadow


coloressence eye shadow pencil eye makeup+eye with eyeshadow


What I like about Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil-Emerald Green:-


  • Affordable
  • Available in nearby stores and online
  • Beautiful pearly effect
  • Sturdy packaging with a see through cap
  • Retractable pencil
  • Provides smooth application
  • Can be used on waterline.


What I don’t like about Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil-Emerald Green:-


  • If used as a shadow it settles in the lines of the lids
  • Fades away quick if used as a shadow
  • Very creamy so need to be careful
  • Needs 2-3 swipes to get the perfect color

Ratings: 3/5

Will I re-commend it?

The best way to use this pencil is to be used as a liner instead of shadow.

Have you tried Coloressence Pearl Effect Shadow Pencil Emerald ?

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  1. you look sooo cute! you have no fine lines or dark cirlces, woww, lucky you! :dance-left-right: i had checked this and wanted to buy it but at the last moment i didnt, i dont know whether i should go 4 it or not, shade is soooo gorgeous


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